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How To Get An Executive Health Screening In Palm Springs

You might not think about it, but you need an executive health screening in Palm Springs sometimes just as much as you need the standard physical that you get on a regular basis. Executive physicals check more than your basic vitals and can be useful when looking to make sure that everything is going well with your overall health and wellness.

What Is An Executive Health Screening?

An executive physical is not simply a standard physical with extras; it’s a more comprehensive way of gauging your overall health. They include blood tests, comprehensive wellness panel, hormone panel, cancer genetic markers, food sensitivity, EKG, and a customized wellness plan. It all adds up to less risk for disease and illness. The best part about an executive physical is that you don’t have to wait until you feel sick or something doesn’t feel right—you can be proactive about your health!

How Does An Executive Health Screening Differ From A Standard Health Exam?

If you’re in a high-stress industry such as healthcare, technology, or business—or are in a very demanding job (such as CEO)—it’s important to take your health seriously. That means regular medical exams. However, you might need more than just a standard physical exam in some instances.

With an executive health screening, you’ll have a comprehensive physical exam performed by a doctor who has experience working with high-level executives. An executive health screening provides more time and attention from your physician, which allows for more thorough testing and examination.

The purpose of an executive physical is not only to detect illness’ but also to help prevent future illness and injury.

Where Can I Get An Executive Health Screening?

Are you looking for an executive health screening in Palm Springs? Give Concierge MD a call today. Our full-service medical concierge service can help you schedule an appointment with one of our doctors and receive your physical at home or work; no need to take time off from work! It’s time you experienced what it’s like to have a doctor come right to you. Contact us today and find out more about our services.

Concierge MD Can Show You The Executive Physical Experience in Palm Springs

Consider Concierge MD when booking your executive physical experience. Whether you need an annual physical on a one-time basis to fulfill a health screen requirement or are looking to step up your general wellness with consistently attentive care, we are ready to meet your needs. With as little as 24 hours notice, one of our healthcare experts can meet you in your home, workspace, or hotel room to conduct a physical exam.

Our experienced care coordinators can assist you in scheduling any necessary follow up care at your convenience. In addition to mobile primary and urgent care services, we also offer in-home lab and Covid-19 testing, mobile IV therapy, and diagnostic scans. Expert care designed around you is how healthcare should be.
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