Addiction Medicine

Services we provide in addiction medicine:

Private In-Home Detox

Safely detoxifying the body from drugs or alcohol is the first step in any addiction recovery program. Private in-home detox combines the quality service of a clinic and the individualized care of a concierge doctor for optimal results.

Private in-home detox is discreet, which is ideal for clients who want to maintain privacy and confidentiality. In addition, this service saves clients time by fitting into schedules with minimal disruption to the day.

Concierge Medical Services

Our detox programs are overseen by our medical staff who design individualized treatment plans and provide concierge in-home medical care.

Drug & Alcohol Counseling

Working with a counselor helps to educate and build a way of living without substances, emotional well-being and strategies to address relapse, and manage all aspects of life.

Case Management

Our case managers utilize a collaborative approach together with the treatment team to provide the most effective care by assessing the specific individual client’s needs in planning a path to recovery.

Drug & Alcohol Testing

Regular testing reinforces a client’s recovery by ensuring there is preventative measures and accountability when it comes to living a healthy sober lifestyle.

Sober Companionship and Life Coaching

Working with a sober companion helps to maintain a bond and foster accountability that ultimately helps clients maintain sobriety. Life Coaches can serve as a guide to help clients develop a plan for pursuing their passion and help them navigate challenges to achieve success in recovery.


An intervention involves organizing those close to an individual struggling with substance abuse or mental illness to effectively reach them and get them to accept help.

Mental Health

Many people with substance abuse problems often suffer from mental health issues. Diagnosing mental health disorders is crucial for finding the appropriate treatment and creating a new lifestyle.

IV Hydration & NAD Detox

Our IV hydration and NAD Detox treatments are an additional tool we utilize to help our patients in their recovery process.


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