Can You Get An At-Home Paternity Test

At-home paternity tests are now favored above other means of testing, and rightly so. The information that is retrieved from such testing is important for every family. And waiting for court-ordered paternity tests is a long hectic process that damages the relationship between a child and a father.

It’s a logical choice to go for the option of an at-home paternity test as the tests are easily accessible and flexible.

What are at-home paternity tests?

A paternity test is done to identify a child’s biological or birth father. Such a test is 100% accurate at determining whether a child and a father are blood-related or not.

This test is usually done by taking the DNA of the child. DNA refers to deoxyribonucleic acid which. DNA paternity tests are usually done via cheek swabs etc.

At-home paternity tests mean completing the process from the comfort of your house. Service providers will visit your home and do all the work for you—no need to step out of the house and visit a clinic.

The service provider will take the necessary swabs and monitor them in their laboratories, and you’ll get the paternity results within a few days. Sometimes it’s difficult to comprehend the DNA results. In that case, the service provider will explain it to you.

At-home paternity tests and technological advancement

Nobody anticipated that it was possible to identify a relationship between a father and a child with a mere swab. At the start of the 1920s, DNA was identified by dividing blood into four distinct types A, AB, B, and O.

However, after some time, it became apparent that such a method was insufficient and, to some extent, incorrect for children who didn’t have the DNA of either their mother or father were deemed illegal.

During the 1960s, a new method surfaced: HLA or (human leukocyte antigen) typing. The main part of this process was gathering the fingerprints of the white blood cells of the father and child in question.

However, this one also failed to distinguish the genetic fingerprints between two people who are closely related.

But it’s here, and it’s changing the world. The well-known breakthrough “Polymerase Chain Reaction” discovered in the ’90s is the most reliable method for DNA paternity tests.

This method revolves around duplicating specific targeted areas of the DNA. DNA is extracted from an original sample and then exposed to different chemicals, ensuring the duplication of DNA is stabilized during the whole proceduManyt of other things go into the process before the paternity results are revealed.

This method is known to provide 99% accurate results.

Advantages of getting at-home paternity tests

At-home paternity tests have, without a doubt, made life easier in ways one couldn’t have imagined.

Among the endless lists of benefits, we have the following:

No trip to the doctor’s

At the top of the list, one of the most attractive benefits of at-home paternity tests is that you don’t have to step out of your house and visit the doctor, which saves a lot of time. Besides the saved time, many people can’t afford to leave their houses like the elderly or disabled. Therefore, an at-home paternity test is extremely accommodating, catering to anyone and everyone.


To a great extent, inquiring about the blood relation of a father and a child is a private matter; to some extent, it’s sentimental too. Therefore, such things should be handled within the privacy of one’s home rather than in public with a medical assistant that you don’t feel comfortable with.


Going for at-home paternity tests means that you’re in for a great deal of flexibility. You’re in charge of setting the schedule and making the call. The service provider will be available when you need them, and there’s no waiting in long lines before finally getting done with the task. Without a doubt, at-home paternity tests will put your needs and wants first.


At-home paternity tests are for sure affordable as there’s no cost of the commute. Whether you go via that local bus or your car, it will still cost you a handful of money due to the rising cost of fuel. In times like this, it’s better to stay at home and get the tasks done rather than incur unnecessary expenses.

With the new COVID-19 wave on its way, it’s better to stay home and try to get tasks done from our homes.

But besides this, the long list of compelling advantages makes it easier to go for Concierge MD, where we provide high-end at-home paternity testing service. So, schedule an appointment with us today!

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