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What to Look for When Choosing Your Medical Concierge Provider

Regarding receiving personalized top-level care, few options can rival the advantages of concierge healthcare. Setting aside time to prioritize health and wellness for those with busy schedules and heavy workloads can be hard. It’s for this reason so many are using concierge medicine as a solution to not only prioritize health but also conserve valuable time. With concierge medical services springing up everywhere, it can be hard to discern which provider would be the best fit for you. When deciding on a medical concierge provider for you and your loved ones, let’s consider some things.

Proper certifications and affiliations

Often overlooked, it’s important to confirm that the doctors providing care are board certified and meet all state and local guidelines. Beyond their certifications, take note of their affiliations. For example, determining what hospitals they are affiliated with is essential when hospitalization is required. Knowing that your provider can work within a hospital and with your insurance provider is important. 

Do they accept your insurance?

It’s important to make sure your medical provider will work with your insurance. With things continually changing, it’s best to call and verify that your insurance is still accepted.

Ensure your doctor practices the types of medicine you need

Your concierge physician’s ability to provide medical care beyond general medicine is a great way to determine if they are a good fit for you. Each client and patient has a unique assortment of needs. Making sure the doctor you select can address them will be important.

An unwavering commitment to a superior level of care

While it may seem common sense, you would be surprised by the number of providers that do not have this level of commitment to their patients.

A good measure of this metric is to note how you feel based on every interaction, from your initial call to subsequent consultations. Concierge medical providers with a commitment to excellence will have it reflected from your first phone call to the completion of your treatment.

Reputation is important

When it comes to concierge medicine, the results speak for themselves. With medical error now the third leading cause of death in America, it’s important to perform your due diligence on who will look after your medical wellbeing.

This can be approached in a few ways.

Word of mouth

Chances are that people within your social circles utilize concierge medicine as well. Finding out who they currently use and who they would avoid can go a long way towards helping you determine your top choices.

Forums and Facebook groups

A platform for digital word of mouth, forums such as Reddit or Facebook groups dedicated to your local area can be a treasure trove of people sharing their experiences with different concierge medical providers. There are usually places within these groups where you can pose questions.

Online reviews

Looking at reviews from present and former clients not only helps you validate a concierge provider’s reputation but also gives you a glimpse into how they approach the client experience. When reading positive reviews, it’s beneficial to note any specific doctors or team members mentioned for outstanding care. You may want to request them if you end up going with that service.

It’s important to note any negative reviews and the reasons behind them. Star ratings rarely tell the whole story, and it will be important to note the client’s negative thoughts as reasons for the bad review. If you start seeing similarities or common themes among the negative reviews, it may indicate that this provider would be a less than ideal option.

Going alongside reputation is longevity. It’s best to select a concierge medical provider with a proven track record over long periods. While concierge medicine has recently gained popularity, it is a solution that has existed for a long time.

Finding a provider with stellar reviews that have existed for many years may indicate that they are a solid option.

Patient care philosophy

Understanding how your concierge medical provider will approach patient care is extremely important. Unfortunately, some less reputable concierge services take a “numbers over quality” approach. A provider with a proven commitment to personalized, individualized healthcare is best. Besides their general approach to medicine, asking specific questions might help identify if they share your own beliefs about treatment. Here is a couple to consider.

Does your provider prioritize holistic solutions?

If living a holistic lifestyle is important to you, it is worth checking to see what your concierge provider’s viewpoints are on it. Do they provide natural, non-prescription-based solutions before opting to write a prescription?

Bedside manner

Some patients prefer a “shoot it to me straight” doctor-client dynamic regarding their care. Others place a strong emphasis on a warm and nurturing bedside manner. Neither approach is better, but it is important to make sure that the concierge doctor you select can deliver treatment in a way that is most empowering for you.

Are they flexible and available?

A primary way that concierge medicine sets itself apart from other forms of treatment is when it comes to being able to accommodate your schedule and lifestyle. It is important to ensure that the medical provider you choose can provide the flexibility and availability you need.

Many clients run into the issue of having a competent concierge provider who isn’t available when needed. If you can only schedule a couple of days in advance, it doesn’t make sense to use a provider that needs appointments scheduled weeks in advance.

This goes beyond convenience. A provider’s ability to accommodate you often indicates their level of commitment and investment in the best possible client experience. Low availability could be a sign that they are overstretched and beyond their capacity in a way that could cause a lapse in providing quality care.

Do they have comprehensive testing and treatments?

Not all concierge medical providers offer the same variety of testing and services. It’s key to ensure the one you consider is equipped with the tools, equipment, and solutions to properly identify and address your health challenges. When it comes to testing, it’s important to ensure they have a system with minimal turnaround time.

Some medical practices will send patient samples to a large laboratory with a backlog to cut down on expenses. You will want to ensure your provider utilizes a lab that gives them fast, priority service. Regarding equipment, ensure the service can do things like X-rays and sonograms on site. The best concierge medical service will be one that virtually eliminates the need for you to leave the house for your healthcare.

Ability to accommodate the entire family

Some concierge medical providers work exclusively with adults. It’s best to ensure that your provider can administer top-level care to every family member. If you have small children, make sure that your provider specializes and is up to date on the latest guidelines for pediatric care. On the other hand, if you have a parent or someone elderly in your home, you’ll want to ensure they are equipped to accommodate any physical or age-related limitations.

Commitment to patient convenience

Excellent concierge medical providers are forerunners in utilizing solutions to make the client experience easier and more effective. The best providers will invest heavily into their website and mobile applications, ensure you can talk with a team member when you need to, and be able to hold your hand every step of the way. When you need medical care, the last thing you should worry about is how hard it is to schedule an appointment.

Do they offer additional amenities?

One of the greatest advantages of concierge medical care is its access to additional amenities, treatments, and solutions. Besides primary care, it’s worth taking note of what additional services they provide in the way of treatment and improving health and wellness. Providing vitamin IV therapy, TRT injections, and even aesthetic solutions should be considered.

Determine the cost of your care

An excellent medical concierge provider will offer a high level of transparency regarding their pricing for services and treatment. Unexpected costs and expenses should be an exception and not the rule. For example, ConciergeMD displays the cost of an in-home visit and the cost of various tests and treatments commonly performed during an appointment. This gives clients a clear, upfront idea of what their treatment will cost.

Be on the lookout for hidden fees in the fine print of their terms of service. Some concierge services will try and slide in additional fees for appointments on short notice or brief phone consults and messages. It’s good to be aware of this before scheduling your appointment.

An important thing to note is that the least expensive service does not indicate they are the best choice. It may signify that corners are being cut or inferior products are being utilized. Be wary of any concierge providers that promise prices well below the range of other providers in the area.

As you can see, there are many factors to consider when determining the best medical concierge provider. We understand that the process can feel overwhelming for many. As one of the premier concierge medicine providers in the nation, our team would love to answer any questions you have and provide guidance on how to move forward in your process of securing concierge medical care for you and your loved ones. Call our offices today.

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