How To Get Private Urgent Care In San Diego Without Leaving Home

You may think that you need to venture out to get the level of care needed for something acute like strep throat or fungal infection. With Concierge Medical Doctors, you get all the professionalism and care you would in an urgent care facility within the comfort and privacy of your own home. In this article, we will discuss how you go about having the doctor come to conduct an urgent care visit and some of the common circumstances that arise from these visits.

Urgent Care Process

With CMD, the bulk of what you need to do is on their website. Once you get the questionnaire, simply describe your symptoms so that the doctor can be prepared to bring the various tests and instruments that they need. Set up the day and time for their arrival, and they come when you call.

After they render treatment, they will discuss the options with you as they see fit. Depending on your condition, they may need to follow up with you later, refer you out to a specialist, or conclude services, just like any other doctor.

Referrals and Treatment In-House

Our doctors can do everything from prescribing and dispensing medication to mobile medical imaging. Once they get access to the symptoms you have included for them, they will gather the materials they need to perform their work professionally.

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If you are a resident in San Diego and find yourself in dire need of an urgent care doctor, do not hesitate to give the medical professionals at Concierge Medical Doctors a call. From covid tests to investigative diagnoses, place your trust in doctors dedicated to your comfort and safety.

Concierge MD Can Show You The Executive Physical Experience in San Diego

Consider Concierge MD when booking your executive physical experience. Whether you need an annual physical on a one-time basis to fulfill a health screen requirement or are looking to step up your general wellness with consistently attentive care, we are ready to meet your needs. With as little as 24 hours notice, one of our healthcare experts can meet you in your home, workspace, or hotel room to conduct a physical exam.

Our experienced care coordinators can assist you in scheduling any necessary follow up care at your convenience. In addition to mobile primary and urgent care services, we also offer in-home lab and Covid-19 testing, mobile IV therapy, and diagnostic scans. Expert care designed around you is how healthcare should be.
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