What Are NAD Boosters?

NAD+ boosters are quickly becoming a popular general wellness treatment, but what are they? Do they actually do anything? Read on to learn more!

What are NAD+ boosters, and what do they treat?

NAD+ is short for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, a coenzyme which fuels a number of body functions, including DNA repair, strengthening defense systems, converting food into energy, and regulating circadian rhythm.

As you age, NAD+ levels fall, which research has linked to chronic illness and age-related conditions such as vision loss. While more research is necessary to determine the full extent of possible benefits in treating and preventing age-related brain disorders, there are a number of benefits to NAD+ boost treatments, such as:

  • Supports healthy neurologic function
  • Improves mood and restores mental clarity
  • Increase metabolism and reduce inflammation

NAD+ boosters can be in the form of injections or IV therapy infusions.

  • Injections typically take a couple of minutes and can be self-administered in some cases.
  • IV therapy infusions must be administered by a registered nurse. IV formulas may include additional vitamins and antioxidants designed to further support healthy neurologic function, energy, and promote cell repair.

Who can benefit from treatment?

Anyone who wants to support their overall wellness and slow their rate of aging can benefit from NAD+ treatments. Those who can especially benefit from NAD+ boost treatments at home include:

  • Those with difficulty traveling or limited mobility
  • Busy professionals and business owners with packed schedules
  • Caregivers or parents trying to limit exposure to Covid-19 and its variants


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