How To Get In-Home Laboratory Testing In Los Angeles

Life is busy enough without throwing in doctor’s appointments and visits. Whether you require mandatory lab tests for work or are concerned about your health, you can now get in-home laboratory testing in Los Angeles. No longer are you forced to wait in long lines and unsanitary conditions to get tested!

What Kind of In-Home Lab Tests Can I Get?

In-home lab testing from Concierge MD is becoming the latest and greatest trend in Los Angeles. Here’s how it works:

  • You give us a call and make an appointment specifying the day and time you want your tests done.
  • A licensed medical professional will come to your home and perform the specified lab draw.
  • Your sample is sent to a lab for further analysis and testing.
  • As soon as we have the results, a team member will contact you and go over the results in person or over the phone.

It really is that simple. Concierge MD offers a wide variety of lab testing to accommodate your needs. In-home lab tests that we perform include your thyroid, hormone levels, overall wellness, blood tests, STD testing, food and drink allergies, malnutrition, and more! No matter what your needs are or what you’re worried about, Concierge MD is only a phone call away.

Advantages of In-Home Laboratory Testing

It’s hard to beat the convenience and safety of in-home laboratory testing. Your appointments at home will be much safer than going to a clinic or hospital where you’re in danger of contracting Covid and a variety of other diseases. In-home lab testing is also much more private and secure than going elsewhere for testing.

Finally, Concierge MD is a premier provider of in-home lab testing and medical care. All we need is your place of address and your needs, and one of our health care specialists will be on their way.

Lab Testing By Medical Experts At Home With Concierge MD

We provide a broad selection of comprehensive lab tests. Whether you need hormone, genetic, food, allergy testing, or another diagnostic, we’ve got you covered. Our lab draws are done at your location, where one of our licensed nurses will come to take a sample.

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