How To Get Corporate COVID-19 Testing In Philadelphia

If you’re worried about testing employees for covid-19 in Philadelphia, then here are some things you should know. There are many benefits to testing your employees for covid-19, and corporate testing is the way to go. Concierge MD is proud to offer corporate testing as one of our many services. Here, we will discuss five reasons corporate testing is a good solution for your business.

Health and Safety

The primary reason to test your employees regularly for covid-19 protects their health and safety. While many people are vaccinated now, that doesn’t mean that the virus cannot still spread and infect people. The consequences of the virus are also still severe.

Comply with Mandates

It’s also important that businesses remember that they have to comply with state and federal mandates in regards to the covid-19 virus. Current federal mandates dictate that any business with more than 100 employees must have vaccinated employees and engage in regular testing.

Many other Industries are also opting to make sure that their employees get regular tests to prevent possible outbreaks of the virus.

Quick and Easy

Another benefit of testing your employees for covid using corporate testing is that you can have it done quickly and easily without leaving the workplace or wasting time. Concierge MD’s corporate testing service will come directly to you and use rapid tests to test multiple employees at the same time and get the results quickly.

More Efficient

Using corporate testing to test your employees for covid is also much more efficient and ensures that employees don’t get lost in the shuffle. There’s no sending tests off or sending employees to different facilities to get tested. It is all done on-site by professional staff.

Identify Illness Before it Spreads

Our last and most important reason for testing your employees regularly for covid using corporate testing says that you catch any potential sickness before it spreads. It’s one thing to test everyone regularly, but if someone does get sick, you want to catch it as soon as possible, so having a reliable way to test everyone quickly and easily will make it much safer and hopefully prevent the spread of covid-19.

Contact Concierge MD today to schedule your corporate covid-19 testing. We are happy to provide onsite testing that is fast, reliable, and convenient for your scheduling needs.

Test Employees in Philadelphia For Covid With Fast Onsite Screenings

A single positive case in your workplace may be an ideal time to initiate Covid-19 testing with Concierge MD. This can help quickly identify additional infections in the workplace and help unaffected individuals to continue working with a clean bill of health and a clear conscience.

If you need Covid-19 testing in Philadelphia or select cities across the US, call us today. We offer personalized pricing dependent on your organization’s size or the frequency of testing. Quickly finding and isolating infectious individuals allows you to implement cost-effective procedures to keep your doors open and your staff safe.

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