How To Get An Antigen Test In Las Vegas

You can get an antigen Covid test in Las Vegas at multiple locations. This article will provide links to where you can find rapid antigen Covid tests in Las Vegas. This includes clinics, libraries, and community centers, Concierge MD’s rapid antigen test, and DIY (do-it-yourself) rapid antigen tests from pharmacies.

Testing at Clinics

Covid Clinic offers Quidel’s Sofia SARS Antigen FIA Test, Luminostics Clip COVID Rapid Antigen Test, and Access Bio’s CareStart COVID-19 Antigen Test. These tests involve a swab of the lower nasal passages, which means the cotton swab used to take the specimen does not need to be inserted deep into the nose. Both tests yield results within an hour, and the results can be emailed to you. Covid Clinic charges for testing ($129 per rapid antigen test), but they do have a program available in which you can apply to get tested for free. You must pay for your test online. Covid Clinic accepts walk-in testing but states that having an appointment guarantees same-day testing. Covid Clinic has three testing locations in Las Vegas, all of which are at shopping malls. Their locations are Meadows Mall, North Las Vegas Premium Outlets, and South Las Vegas Premium Outlets.

Several other Las Vegas clinics offer rapid antigen testing, such as CareNow Urgent Care, IC Labs, Health Xpress Medical Center, and TOBP LLC Testing Lab.

Testing at Local Libraries and Community Centers

Another location where Covid tests are available is at the local libraries and community centers. A few local libraries participating in Covid testing are Alexander Library, Centennial Hills Library, and Enterprise Library. Some of the locations in the list of community centers where Covid testing takes place are Veterans Memorial Community Center, Silver Springs Recreation Center, and West Flamingo Senior Center.

Concierge MD’s Rapid Antigen Test

Concierge MD offers a rapid antigen Covid test. Our tests are available for individuals, families, and small groups. These tests are conducted in your home, so you do not need to worry about exposing many other people in a crowded public Covid testing location.

DIY Tests From Pharmacies

There are a variety of do-it-yourself rapid antigen Covid tests available from pharmacies. Both CVS and Walgreens offer these types of tests.

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Choose Concierge MD As Your Concierge Covid Test Provider In Las Vegas

If you are looking for a concierge Covid test provider, consider Concierge MD. We are proud to offer the following types of Covid testing:

  • RT-PCR
  • Rapid Antigen
  • Rapid PCR
  • Antibody (Note: This blood draw test determines whether or not you previously had a case of Covid-19 and should not be used to detect an active infection)

You can make an appointment online or over the phone for one of our experts to visit your home and administer tests to you and your family. Professional, discreet, convenient Covid-testing on your schedule – reach out to us by giving us a call or book an appointment using the button below today!

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