How to Get a Hangover IV Treatment in San Francisco

Most people can’t afford to be out of commission after drinking. Unfortunately, hangover symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, irritability, stomach pain, headaches, and dizziness may be waiting to do just that. For this reason, many in San Francisco are scheduling hangover IV treatments for the morning after.

What is a hangover IV treatment? 

Full of hydrating fluids, vitamins such as b12, b-complex, and anti-nausea medications, a hangover IV is injected directly into your bloodstream, avoiding discomfort other hangover treatments can cause. This method provides 100% bioavailability without the risk of getting lost if going through the digestive system. 

Many who receive a hangover IV may experience benefits such as: 

  • Improved sleep
  • Less irritability and better mood
  • Reduced nausea, headaches, and dizziness 
  • Rehydration 
  • Increased energy 

Who should get a hangover IV 

While anyone can benefit, those that experience stronger hangover symptoms would benefit tremendously. Professionals that require regular social drinking as part of their jobs would also find regular hangover IVs beneficial to their overall performance and health. 

How to get a hangover IV treatment near me 

With traffic and busy schedules, it’s hard for San Francisco residents to commute to an IV clinic to get their hangover treatments. A growing number prefer the comfort and convenience of in-home hangover IV treatment. Once scheduled, a registered nurse arrives at your door to administer a hangover IV in the comfort of your home. It’s both effective and convenient. 

We’d love to answer any questions about how a hangover IV treatment can help you get back into action after your next evening out. 


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