How to Get a Gut Microbiome Testing in Orange County

The gut microbiome is an important function of the body. Many are unaware testing for this is available. In this article, you will learn what gut microbiome testing is, what it may detect, and how it is beneficial for your health overall.

What is gut microbiome testing?

The gut has bacteria. Some types are good, and some types are bad. Measuring the amount and types that your body has is a good idea. You may want to get tested if you have any symptoms such as bloating, diarrhea, gas, weight gain, or constipation. This simple test is taken with a fresh stool sample. The sample is sent to a lab. After processing, a doctor will go over the results with you.

Benefits of gut microbiome tests

Measuring the bacteria for the amount and the types is a good idea to get some insight into your current health and identify any issues going on within the gut. You are then able to tailor your diet toward correcting if there are issues and work toward better overall health.

In-home testing is better than a clinic

Going into a clinic for testing can be a hassle and maybe even embarrassing for this type of test. Luckily, you are able to save time and money by getting an in-home test done. Testing the gut biome at home will be the most discreet, comfortable, and convenient option for you. Testing is available in Orange county. Contact Concierge MD today!

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