How to Get Gut Microbiome Testing in Palm Springs

We go through a lot of steps to make sure that we stay healthy. We eat right and try to exercise, but one of the parts of our body that we often overlook is our gut and, more specifically, our gut microbiome. Thankfully, if you have an issue with your digestion or your overall health, it is easy to get gut microbiome testing in the comfort of your own home.

What is a gut microbiome test?

A gut microbiome test is a special test that checks the amount and type of bacteria and viruses that exist inside your gut. A proper gut microbiome is essential for proper digestion, regular bowel movements, and much more.

The test works by collecting a stool sample and checking it in a lab where they determine what is or is not present in the gut and bowels.

Why is a gut microbiome test beneficial?

The gut microbiome test is incredibly useful because it can be used to check for a number of potential illnesses and problems in the body as well as help determine how well a person processes food and what diets may be effective.

When should you get a test?

You should get a test if you are concerned about issues with regularity, you suspect you may have a food allergy, or you are wondering why certain diets don’t work.

Getting an at-home test with Concierge MD is simpler and easier than going to a clinic and also allows you to be more private about your medical concerns without ever leaving home.

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