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How to Identify Dietary Intolerances With Food Sensitivity Testing in the Inland Empire

This article will describe what this type of lab test is, how it works, its potential benefits, and why in-home lab tests are the most convenient option.

What is a food sensitivity test?

A food sensitivity test is used to test your body’s immune response to different foods. This will help you know which foods to try out an elimination diet with, and it may assist with ultimately determining food allergies you may have.

How does it work?

A food sensitivity test from Concierge MD is done in the form of a lab test (blood draw). A nurse will insert a small needle into the crook of your arm, and the blood will be collected in a vial. The blood sample will be used to conduct the test, and it will be sent directly to the lab. After the results have come in, your healthcare provider will contact you to discuss the results.

What are the benefits?

A food sensitivity test will help you plan a temporary elimination diet that will be followed by slowly reintegrating the eliminated foods back into your diet to see if they still cause symptoms like bloating and discomfort.

Why are in-home lab tests preferred?

In-home lab tests are the most convenient option. You do not have to spend time and money getting to and from a clinic and waiting for your turn. They are also more discreet, and you will likely be calmer about the test at home if you are nervous about it.

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