Can a Concierge Doctor Vaccinate You at Your home? 

We all try our best to stay on top of our medical care, but sometimes one of the most difficult things to manage is getting the right number of vaccinations. Whether it’s for our children and families or traveling to remote parts of the world where rare diseases still exist, making sure you have the right vaccinations is critical. That’s where having a concierge doctor for vaccinations at home can be a lifesaver. Concierge MD offers at-home vaccinations for a wide array of diseases so that you can focus on the things you love and not on making doctor appointments and insurance paperwork. 

Our vaccine offerings 

The great thing about our vaccine offerings is that we cover many of the standard vaccines that most people need to get throughout their lives, such as MMR, Flu, and HPV, meaning that if you need to get your family vaccinated for routine diseases, we have you covered. 

However, we also offer vaccinations for rare contagious diseases such as typhoid, yellow fever, and diphtheria cough

Our offerings don’t stop there. However, we also have vaccinations for shingles, Hepatitis A and B, tetanus, meningitis, and pneumonia. Our goal is to protect your health from the comfort and safety of your home office or hotel room. 

Great for whole family vaccinations 

One of the biggest reasons to use a concierge doctor for vaccinations is that you can get the things you need all in one place. If you have a large family that all need to be vaccinated, then a simple house call is much more efficient than trying to make a doctor’s appointment. 

For annual vaccinations like the flu, setting up the appointment on your own time and getting everyone vaccinated at once is much easier. 

It can also be a struggle when you have multiple age groups in your home because certain diseases are more likely to affect children or the elderly, so making separate appointments and dealing with all the paperwork and headaches can make the entire experience unpleasant. 

Get vaccinated before traveling

Another problem that people face is not being able to get the vaccinations they need in a timely fashion or finding out they need a particular vaccination at the last minute before flying out. This is especially true when traveling to a remote part of the world where less common illnesses still exist or there is a risk of exposure. 

Concierge MD will come to you even at your hotel room to deliver necessary vaccinations so that you don’t have to delay your plans because you can’t find a place to get vaccinated before a trip. 

Contact Concierge MD today 

Getting vaccinated is an important part of life. You shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to get the life-saving medication you need. When you need vaccinations for you and your family, Concierge MD is the one to call. We come to you on your schedule, at home, at the office, or at your hotel so that you can get what you need and get on with life. 

Choose Concierge MD As Your House Call Doctor

If you need a house call doctor, reach out to Concierge MD. We are a licensed, mobile healthcare practice of a wide range of services, including:

  • Direct Primary Care: Get annual physicals, preventative screenings, blood tests, and more.
  • Covid-19: We offer testing, monoclonal antibody treatment, and can prescribe Remdesivir to those who test positive for Covid-19.
  • IV Therapy: Our 12 formulas fuel your body with fluids, vitamins, and antioxidants to help you feel your best.

Concierge MD administers all services in the comfort and privacy of your home, with telehealth support between appointments. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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