Are Doctors Still Making House Calls, Or Has It Become A Concierge Service?

To serve their patients better, some doctors have left their clinics to become a house call doctor or concierge doctor. This type of healthcare entails coming to the patient’s home for the appointment rather than having the patient come to the doctor’s office or clinic. This allows doctors to care for patients in their most comfortable environment and provides quality medical attention without a time limit.

What is a house call doctor?

House call doctors are licensed physicians who make house calls. It’s an old-fashioned medical practice, but some doctors and healthcare workers now make house calls instead of in-office appointments.

A visit from a house call doctor can be very convenient for patients who may not want to take time off work and prefer to receive treatment in their home environment. In-home care is also valuable for people with mobility considerations, the elderly, and people with families who have multiple schedules to juggle.

Convenience is undoubtedly one of the top reasons to use a house call doctor, but there are other benefits. For instance, you have complete privacy when you’re in your own home, so your medical information isn’t made public if someone happens to see you leave your doctor’s office with a prescription in hand. In addition, visits from a doctor can be less expensive than an in-office appointment because of their low overhead costs.

Home doctors don’t have a per-patient time limit like many clinics do. This means that your doctor has the time to get to know you and your medical history, which leads to more accurate treatments and better outcomes.

In-home medical practices provide their patients with nearly instant access to doctors and additional perks. So, if you have an issue, you can contact your doctor by phone and schedule an in-person appointment within hours or days rather than weeks. If you want to take advantage of high-quality care without excessive waiting periods, you should consider a concierge doctor.

House call doctor or concierge doctor: what’s the difference?

A house call doctor is the same service as a concierge doctor. They both provide the same services from the comfort of your home and provide treatment without you needing to wait in a lobby full of sick patients.

What services can house call doctors provide?

Doctors make house calls for a few reasons. Concierge patients may be very sick and unable to travel, meaning they need a doctor to see them in person. Some patients have mobility considerations, and going to a doctor’s office is tough.

House call doctors are fully licensed and able to perform many services from the comfort of your home. Their house calls provide comprehensive exams, diagnostic testing, and treatment for several illnesses. Often, if you have a chronic condition, you can establish a relationship with one doctor who can treat you at home, as well as between appointments with telemedicine calls. This helps you save money on transportation costs and time lost from work or personal obligations.

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