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How Much Does Wegovy Cost?

Wegovy weight loss treatment1 is the only semaglutide weight loss medication approved by the FDA for long-term use, but does the Wegovy cost make sense? When paired with healthy lifestyle choices and physical activity, Wegovy can help you lose pounds and keep them off. As effective as Wegovy is, it is important to understand the costs involved to decide whether it’s the right fit for you. 

This article looks at the cost of Wegovy and reviews what solutions may make it more affordable.

A concierge doctor holding up three syringes on their tips while having a white glove

Factors affecting the Cost of Wegovy

Unlike many other medications, there is no cheaper, generic version of Wegovy. That’s because the patent for Wegovy has not expired, preventing anyone other than the original manufacturer from producing it.

The cost of Wegovy can also be affected based on:

  • the chosen treatment plan
  • where you live
  • insurance coverage
  • pharmacy
  • and factors such as supply chain considerations.

Insurance is one of the most significant factors in determining the cost of Wegovy, as not every policy covers this treatment. In these cases, you must pay completely out of pocket.

How much does Wegovy Cost?

Dollar bills laid over on a table next to a red calculator representing estimation of Wegovy CostAt this time, a month’s supply of Wegovy without insurance will cost $1,350 or more. The cost of Wegovy varies depending on the factors mentioned earlier, the type of insurance policy you have, and the rates of your pharmacy.

You may pay as little as $25 for a one-month supply with the right insurance coverage. It’s best to reach out to your insurance company to confirm that they will cover the cost of Wegovy and, if so, what your out-of-pocket expense will be. It is essential to verify what steps need to be taken to ensure your claim gets processed correctly.

How can I Get the Best Deal on Wegovy?

Even if your insurance doesn’t cover the full cost of Wegovy, you can try a few avenues to get the best deal on this treatment. NovoCare, the company that produces Wegovy, offers a manufacturer savings card that you can apply for on their website. Depending on your situation, this card may save you up to $500 for a 28-day supply.

Drug discount programs are a great way to find additional savings if you need to pay out of pocket. Discount programs like GoodRX are free to use and may provide coupons towards Wegovy that you can use at a nearby pharmacy. Wegovy coupons for those without insurance can be a tremendous help.

If you are planning to use Wegovy for over a few months, paying upfront for a 90-day supply from an online pharmacy can make the price per unit cheaper with a bulk discount.


A female concerge doctor taking Wegovy Cost notes on her notebookSince the price of Wegovy can fluctuate due to various factors, it can be hard to determine if you are getting the best price. If you are using insurance, reaching them and getting answers on your out-of-pocket expenses can be challenging.

To help simplify the process of getting the best price on Wegovy, many people get help from a doctor with medically-guided weight loss. In addition to putting together a tailored weight loss plan incorporating Wegovy, a doctor can access the latest pricing information and resources to find the best available deals.

Medically-guided weight loss can help you reach your weight loss goals while helping ensure you get the best possible price on your medication.

Wegovy Weight Loss Medication At Home

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  • Slowing stomach emptying
  • Reducing appetite
  • Increasing insulin release

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[1] Singh G. Wegovy (semaglutide): a new weight loss drug for chronic weight management. National Library of Medicine. Published October 27, 2021.

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