Can You Get Wedding Guests A Rapid PCR Test?

Knowing what Covid-safety precautions to put in place for your upcoming wedding can be an overwhelming experience. Many couples are requesting wedding guests get tested for Covid before the big day to keep everyone safe. Some couples are going a step further and giving wedding guests a rapid PCR test at the door. But which rapid testing option is best? What is the benefit of professional testing services? Keep reading to learn which option is best for your special day.

DIY rapid antigen kits vs. mobile Covid-19 testing services

At-home DIY tests and mobile testing services offer different types of Covid-19 tests which vary in accuracy and have different pros and cons.

DIY rapid antigen test kits

DIY rapid antigen Covid-19 test kits (also known as over-the-counter test kits) have been authorized by the FDA since March 2020. Rapid antigen tests require a user to self-administer a nasal or throat swab to collect a sample.

Depending on the test, you may observe results in approximately 15 minutes or less using a chemical solution or reactive test strip. It’s important to note that rapid antigen tests produce false negative results more frequently than a PCR test, which means they can miss an infection that a PCR test would catch.

DIY rapid antigen tests vary in price, starting at approximately $24 per test. Recently, people have reported a shortage of testing kits found in retail stores, so you may want to secure tests in advance if you choose this option. You should also consider whether your guests will feel confident in self-administering the test as insufficient sample collection could also affect test results.

Mobile Covid-19 rapid antigen testing

Mobile Covid-19 testing services will send one or more healthcare professionals to your event to administer rapid antigen tests. These services will bring all the supplies necessary to give your wedding guests rapid PCR tests.

Using mobile Covid-19 testing services to give wedding guests rapid PCR tests is a larger investment, but one that can bring great peace of mind on your wedding day. You and your guests can rest assured that medical professionals are administering rapid PCR tests to wedding guests correctly, and that setup and cleanup of testing stations is also covered.

What about rapid PCR tests for weddings?

Rapid PCR tests are highly accurate, and test for Covid-19 in the same way as the RT-PCR test – considered the “gold standard” in accuracy. This test cannot be distributed in bulk, so it’s best for small wedding parties.

Rapid PCR tests may take a bit longer to process in 30 minutes or less. However, the high accuracy can bring peace of mind to families with children not yet vaccinated or those with conditions that make them at high risk for severe symptoms.

Get Your Wedding Guests A Rapid PCR Test With Concierge MD

Let Concierge MD take care of giving your wedding guests a rapid PCR test so you can focus on your special day. Our healthcare experts can work with you and your venue to determine the best way to proceed with testing guests before they enter. On the day of the wedding, our team will set up an onsite testing station, complete with all the materials necessary to administer tests to your wedding guests, and process results on site. Our team will also provide guidance if someone does test positive.

Once testing is complete, Concierge MD will ensure all testing materials are properly cleaned up and disposed of so that you can keep your focus on your wedding day. Call or click the button below today for more information on how Concierge MD can help you celebrate your wedding safely!

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