Onsite Covid-19 Tests For Businesses Help Keep Your Staff Healthy

On-site COVID-19 testing for small and large businesses is a convenient way to identify an active illness among your staff. Testing proactively enables you to know when to clean and when to close, ultimately helping keep your employees and your customers healthy.

What Is On-Site COVID-19 Testing?

On-Site COVID-19 testing takes place at your place of business. Concierge MDLA services all types of businesses, from retail to warehouses and corporations.

We offer two tests that detect active infections of COVID-19.

  • PCR (polymerase chain reaction) nasal swab test is a simple and fast process during which a clinician will collect a sample from the inside of your nose. Your results will be available within 72 hours since this type of test requires the sample to be sent to a lab for processing.
  • Rapid antigen test is also a nasal swab. Unlike the RT-PCR test, however, the rapid antigen test can be processed on site. Your results will be available within 15 minutes.

How does on-site testing work?

  1. Concierge MDLA sets up a testing area at your place of business, usually in a private room or office.
  2. There, our nurses conduct the nasal swab test on participating employees.
  3. After the samples have been collected, they are either sent to our lab for analysis for the RT-PCR test or processed onsite for our rapid antigen test.
  4. After the tests have been processed, we will contact you to discuss what the test results mean and make recommendations as to your next steps.

Who should get tested?

  • Businesses who want to resume operations safely and want to screen all employees prior to reopening.
  • Currently-operating businesses that want to keep employees and customers safe with ongoing testing, which helps catch and prevent the virus from spreading inside the company.
  • Anyone on staff who is showing symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Anyone on staff who is not showing symptoms but has been in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19.

How quickly can I expect results?

Results are typically ready within 3 business days of the RT-PCR Test. Results are available in 15 minutes for our rapid antigen test.

Who can see the test results?

All employees who consent to being tested are required to sign a consent form prior to the procedure. Both the employee and employer can see the results.

On-Site COVID-19 Testing For Businesses With Concierge MDLA

Whether you own a large or a small business, Concierge MDLA can help you operate safely with onsite nasal swab testing for you and your staff. With ongoing plans and discounts depending on the size of your company, we make it easy to keep your staff safe and prevent COVID-19 from spreading. If you want to know more about how our in-office testing for businesses works, contact us.

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