What Kind Of House Call Services In Palm Springs Can Retirees Get?

If you are a retiree, you may be wondering what kind of convenient house call services you can get in Palm Springs or what the benefits are. In this guide, we will help explain what concierge services offer.

What is a house call doctor?

A house call doctor, or concierge doctor, is a licensed physician who will visit you directly. Aside from providing care in your home, they’re much the same as the same doctor you’ve always seen at a clinic. They offer the same services that you may get from a doctor in a traditional setting, but they eliminate the hardships of your commute.

They can provide primary care services, such as physicals, check-ups, and counseling, or urgent care services and are adequately equipped to deal with various ailments, including bronchitis, the flu, Covid-19, and headaches.

How house call services are beneficial to retirees

If you are trying to enjoy your retirement, you want to relax and not deal with the hassle involved in getting to and from doctor’s appointments. For those with mobility considerations, this relieves the need to arrange transportation with friends or family members.

In-home care is a time saver, especially for routine care such as annual physicals, checkups, and annual vaccinations that typically only take a few minutes at the doctor’s office.

House calls that offer telemedicine can provide patients who have questions about medications, medical conditions, and more with fast and reliable answers – no need to scour the internet!

Covid-19 is also a pressing issue. If you visit a doctor’s office, you can potentially expose yourself to individuals who could be Covid-positive. A concierge doctor eliminates that issue, which is especially valuable for older individuals and those with compromised immune systems.

House calls can provide many types of diagnostics, from lab tests to select health screenings such as EKGs and X-rays. This saves you the need to visit specialists.

Concierge services can also provide Covid tests, saving you the time and risk of exposure at local community testing centers. Some providers can even bring monoclonal antibody IV therapy to your home. Monoclonal antibody IV therapy is a new treatment that can reduce the amount of the virus in your system, which can alleviate your symptoms and help you recover from the virus.


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