How to Identify Dietary Intolerances with Food Sensitivity Testing in San Diego

Dietary intolerances may be an annoying part of some people’s lives. Many people may not know they have dietary intolerances or food sensitivities. Letting this go undetected for too long isn’t recommended. Symptoms can include stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, gas, or bloating. Knowing what types of foods you are sensitive to will help you feel better and be healthier in general in the long run. We have convenient dietary intolerance testing available in San Diego.

What are food intolerance and food sensitivity testing?

Food intolerance or food sensitivity is when your body doesn’t agree with something you have ingested. Our food intolerance and sensitivity test can help us detect what foods create an immune response in your body. All this test requires is a quick prick to collect blood samples. These samples are then tested in a lab to determine if there are any antibodies for certain types of foods. Knowing what foods may create a sensitivity is important so that you may choose to manage your diet to try to avoid any negative responses.

Home dietary intolerance testing is available

In-home testing is the most convenient option to get testing quickly and efficiently while being the most comfortable in your own home. We have testing available for you in the San Diego area. Contact Concierge MD today to get an in-home food sensitivity test. We conveniently travel to you and administer the test.

Get your at Home Food Sensitivity Test in San Diego with Concierge MD

Learn which foods your body doesn’t tolerate with a convenient in-home food sensitivity test. One of our medical experts comes to your location to collect samples for lab testing. Once your results are in, we will help you understand your results and recommend the next steps.

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