How To Identify Dietary Intolerances With Food Sensitivity Testing in Las Vegas?

Food intolerance can affect anybody, which can lead to pain and discomfort. Finding out the types of food that you cannot tolerate is important to understand your diet and body’s needs better. A food sensitivity test is the most accurate way to find out about dietary intolerances.

What is a food sensitivity test?

A food sensitivity test determines the type of food that your body has trouble ingesting. The most common example of this is lactose intolerance, where individuals have difficulty consuming dairy.

How does a food sensitivity test work?

Food sensitivity tests usually involve a finger prick that yields several blood drops that can be used as samples. This sample will get sent to the lab for further analysis.

You can do in-home tests yourself, and these are not as accurate as having a doctor or concierge doctor perform the test. Having a professional do it is more accurate, and you will have peace of mind while getting the results.

Benefits of a food sensitivity test

The main benefit of undergoing a food sensitivity test is pinpointing the types of food you should avoid because of intolerance. By having a deeper understanding of this type of condition, you can best manage it and create a healthier diet plan to make you feel better.

In-home testing for dietary intolerances in Las Vegas

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