Managing Children’s Mental Health During the Pandemic

Many guardians and loved ones of children worry about the impact of Covid-19 on their children’s mental health and development. Below, we examine strategies on how to guide kids through these unprecedented times

The impact of Covid-19 on children’s mental health

In order to understand how you can help kids cope, first you must understand what kids are experiencing. Social distancing and the closure of schools and business have devastated the routines that help children feel secure and advance in development. This disruption has caused negative reactions that often result in negative emotions and anxiety that many children have not experienced before.

How to help children combat anxiety rooted in the pandemic

Know the facts without becoming obsessed

It’s important to be honest with your children about the risks and dangers posed by Covid-19 so they can protect themselves and the family. While some parents may hesitate to discuss details or reasons at all, this could actually create a source of anxiety for children who may feel trapped or fearful of their lack of understanding. Explaining facts and answering questions in a way that gives context based on what they already know can help children better understand what’s happening and thus relieve anxiety.

You should also remain aware of what kinds of social media and news your child has access to. Keeping an open dialogue related to the pandemic and helping children identify scams or biased misinformation can help them feel empowered and less anxious.

The importance of routine

‘Stability and consistency to the best of your ability’ is the mantra guardians should remember. Scheduled calls with loved ones, group workouts, and structured mealtime practices are all small ways to give kids (and you) a sense of security and normalcy.

Educational challenges

Arguably, the biggest change that has impacted children is the closure of schools. The switch to remote learning has been painful for many in a variety of ways. Helping children by presenting this as a team challenge rather than an individual burden can have a big positive impact.

Discuss your own Covid-related obstacles with your children in an age-appropriate way so they can observe and replicate your problem-solving process for themselves. These discussions will help build a sense of solidarity in young children.

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