Can a Concierge Doctor Offer a Weight Management Consultation at Your Home?

Because of how precious and scarce time seems to be, choosing a concierge doctor for a weight management consultation is a great idea. Concierge doctors come to your home and offer their expertise and advice in the comfort of your home. But is this actually allowed, or are there restrictions on what a concierge doctor is allowed to do?

Contrary to what people may think, a concierge doctor is most definitely allowed to perform a weight management consultation at your home. An in-home consultation is extremely safe and convenient; it’s also highly effective as many people don’t want to leave their homes simply for a consultation.

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What is a weight management consultation?

A weight management consultation is the first step toward getting serious about losing weight. It’s a way for us to get to know you and your struggles and determine if and how much weight you should lose.

What is included in a weight consultation?

During your initial visit with one of our trusted and capable medical professionals, here’s what to expect.

  • The appointment will start with a series of questions about your medical history. It’s important to disclose any major surgeries or medical conditions during this stage of the appointment.
  • We’ll also ask you about your lifestyle, how active you are, and whether or not you currently exercise.
  • Next, we will measure your body mass index to determine your weight in relation to your height.
doctor showing charts to a patient
  • Based on the information that we receive, we will then devise a weight loss plan. We will also determine how much weight you should lose as well as any necessary dietary restrictions moving forward.

At Concierge MD, we realize that every patient is different and different methods work for different people. Every weight management plan we create is personalized to fit your needs and preferences.

Are there benefits to getting a weight consultation?

Whether you suffer from clinical obesity or simply don’t feel good about yourself, a weight management consultation is a great way to start a plan and get a series about losing weight. A weight consultation with Concierge MD will provide you with a personalized plan with one-on-one advice from a medical professional.

Is a concierge doctor the best way to get a weight consultation?

If you have a hectic work or social schedule, can’t find a babysitter, or simply don’t have the time or desire to go to a weight loss clinic, a concierge doctor is a way to go. Concierge doctors come to your home on your time and provide you with the same personalized care you would receive at a clinic or hospital.

What is telemedicine, and why is it advantageous?

In addition to home healthcare, Concierge MD also offers telemedicine. Telemedicine is healthcare provided over the phone or on a video call. It might also be a way to get an even easier way to receive your weight consultation. Telemedicine is safe, effective, convenient, and could be the perfect fit for you. Contact Concierge MD to find out more about telemedicine or schedule a concierge doctor for a weight management consultation.

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