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Symptoms of An Ozempic Overdose

Ozempic is a revolutionary injectable drug that can help people struggling with chronic type 2 diabetes. Ozempic works by stimulating the release of insulin from the pancreas, which then lowers and controls your blood sugar levels. Additionally, because Ozempic includes Semaglutide and is a GLP-1 agonist, it can also help people lose weight.

As with most medications, however, it’s important to follow dosage instructions if you’re taking Ozempic. Taking too much could result in an overdose, which could prove fatal depending on how much you take. To keep you safe while taking Ozempic, this article will outline typical dosage instructions, how to recognize signs of an overdose, and what to do if you accidentally take too much Ozempic. 

Understanding Ozempic Dosage and the Risk of Overdose

To ensure you take the right dosage, Ozempic is available in pre-filled pens and follows a fairly straightforward dosage pattern

You’ll start out by taking a .25 mg dosage of Ozempic once per week for four weeks. In weeks 5-8, you’ll take a once-weekly injection of 0.5 mg. If you need to continue upping your dosage, you can take 1 mg/week in weeks 9-12, followed by 2 mg/week from week 13 and on. 2 mg/week is the maximum approved dosage for Ozempic, so you should never exceed that amount. 

An Ozempic overdose is when you take more than the recommended amount of Ozempic. In other words, if you take more than 0.25 in the first month, 0.5 in the second month, 1 in the third month, or more than 2 mg/week thereafter, you’re taking too much Ozempic. 

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Can You Overdose on Ozempic? Recognizing Symptoms of an Overdose

Ozempic works very slowly in the body, which means you won’t always know instantly if you took too much. However, once you start to display Ozempic overdose symptoms, they will be pronounced and debilitating. 

Eventually, you could lose consciousness and even die if you overdose on Ozempic. Because of the dangers involved, it’s important to know the warning symptoms of too much Ozempic. 

Responding to a Suspected Ozempic Overdose

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If you start displaying symptoms of an overdose or develop severe Ozempic side effects, it’s important to act quickly. First, call Poison Control, 911, or your primary healthcare provider and tell them what’s happening. 

Next, because taking too much Ozempic will result in dangerously low blood sugar levels, the main Ozempic overdose treatment is to get your blood sugar back up. To do this, consume a sugary snack or beverage, or take glucose tablets. If necessary, have someone take you to the nearest ER so you can receive professional medical treatment.


While Ozempic overdoses are rare, they are very possible if you don’t follow the recommended dosage and usage pattern. Taking too much Ozempic at any time could result in an overdose resulting in debilitating pain or even death. If you’re worried about Ozempic side effects or the risk of overdose, you should talk to your healthcare provider. They can give you concrete instructions about how to take Ozempic and what to do if you display signs of an overdose. 

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