Can In-Home Covid-19 Testing Kits Be Used For Employees?

Employers are allowed to require Covid-19 testing before allowing employees to come to work per new EEOC guidance. In a sea of testing supply shortages, long lines, and the potential of exposure to Covid-19 while obtaining a test, forcing this burden on your staff hardly seems fair or practical. As employers look for ways to test staff on-site, buying in-home testing kits for employees in bulk seems like an attractive option. Let’s review to determine if this is the best option for you.

Are there federal regulations against using in-home testing kits for employees?

The short answer is no – you may distribute in-home Covid-19 testing kits to your workers to be self-administered. Kits may be obtained from laboratories who sell them in bulk.

However, before purchasing and distributing tests, you should review:

What steps are involved in using DIY kits for my workers?

Generally, the process of using in-home tests for staff is as follows:

  • Issue the testing kits to employees and have them administer the tests to themselves
  • Collect and return samples to the lab as indicated by the kit
  • Results should be issued in approximately 3 days
  • If any worker tests positive, instruct them to self-quarantine

It should be noted that tests will differ from lab to lab. Differences can include (but are not limited to) how the test is administered, how samples must be collected and returned, and result turnaround times. Be certain to consider these factors as you prepare to purchase tests.

CMDLA Can Help You Streamline The Employee Testing Process

CMDLA is an on-site medical service provider that offers Covid-19 testing for corporations and businesses both large and small. You can make an appointment with us for a nurse to visit the workplace and administer tests to you and your employees. Our experts are able to administer hundreds of tests a day and will arrive fully-supplied, relieving anxieties about choosing the right test and it being done correctly.

In addition to giving the test, we also take care of sending prepared samples to the lab and obtaining results. Our services can be arranged for a single test, or as part of a comprehensive workplace safety plan which includes ongoing testing. We want to work with you to help you maintain safe operations through the pandemic.

Contact us today to discuss our group discounts and how onsite testing can work for you!

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