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How does Ozempic Weight Loss Medication Work?

With how busy the world has become in recent years, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for people to maintain a healthy weight. The combination of readily available unhealthy food and not enough time for exercise and healthy eating is leading to record highs in obesity in the United States. Therefore, people are looking for any means possible to lose weight with minimal effort.

Among the many methods that people are trying, there’s a rising interest in using medications such as Ozempic to lose weight. While Ozempic is FDA-approved as a medication to help with diabetes, the jury is still out when it comes to using it for weight loss.

This article aims to shed light on what Ozempic for weight loss is, how it works, and the risks involved with using it. By understanding how Ozempic works, you’ll have a better idea of whether or not it’s a good weight loss option for you.

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What is Ozempic for Weight Loss?

Ozempic is the brand name of a drug known as semaglutide, which is also the compound’s active ingredient. It just so happens that semaglutide is the active ingredient in another drug with the brand name Wegovy. While Ozempic is FDA-approved for treating diabetes, Wegovy is FDA-approved as a weight loss medication.

Because both drug brands have the same active ingredient, semaglutide, there’s growing interest in using Ozempic as a weight loss medication. As of now, however, Ozempic is only approved for treating diabetes, specifically type 2 diabetes.

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Ozempic Dose and Drug Class

In its current state as a diabetes medication, Ozempic is administered via injection once a week. When combined with healthy lifestyle choices, such as diet and exercise, Ozempic has the ability to help control the blood sugar levels of the body. It does this by mimicking a hormone in your body in order to lower your blood sugar levels after you eat.

As such, Ozempic is part of a drug class known as GLP-1 agonists, glucagon-like peptide-1 medications. Additionally, because you only need to take Ozempic once per week for diabetes purposes, it’s considered a long-acting drug. It’s also worth noting that Ozempic isn’t a form of insulin. Instead, it helps your body produce more insulin when your blood sugar is higher than it should be.

How does Ozempic Work for Weight Loss?

Now that you have a better idea of what type of drug Ozempic is and how it works, let’s look at why people use it for weight loss.

The main ingredient in Ozempic is semaglutide, which is used in a popular weight loss medication, Wegovy. However, the dose of semaglutide is higher in Wegovy than in Ozempic, which is why it’s effective as a weight loss medication.

Although the concentration of semaglutide in Ozempic isn’t as high as Wegovy, even small amounts can help you lose weight. Therefore, while Ozempic is less strong and effective than Wegovy for weight loss, it can be effective nonetheless. Here’s how it works.

  1. Ozempic is a GLP-1 agonist.
  2. In addition to being able to increase the release of insulin and slow the release of glucogen, GLP-1 has other abilities.
  3. It can trick your brain into thinking that you’re fuller than you actually are, thereby curbing your appetite.
  4. GLP-1 can also force your stomach to slow down and not allow it to empty as quickly as it normally would. This helps you stay fuller for longer periods, resulting in less eating.
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Contrary to certain other weight loss medications, Ozempic doesn’t have any effect on your metabolism. It does its work by appearing to the brain to be the GLP-1 hormone, thereby tricking the brain into doing everything it would if the GLP-1 hormone were actually present.

In short, Ozempic makes you feel full, despite consuming less food and makes food stay in your stomach longer. This dual action results in people eating less than usual, which leads to weight loss.

Clinical Trials 

Several trials and studies have been performed to further prove that Ozempic is an effective weight loss medication. According to Novo Nordisk, the company that produces Ozempic, they conducted a clinical trial using just under 2,000 volunteers.

The trial lasted for 68 weeks and involved a group who took semaglutide, the main ingredient in Ozempic, and a group who took a placebo.

The group that took the placebo only lost an average of 2.4% of their body weight, while the group that took semaglutide lost over 14% of theirs. The study also showed that semaglutide is more beneficial for weight loss when combined with lifestyle and dietary changes, but you can lose weight either way.

Although Novo Nordisk performed this study, it was published in the New England Journal of Medicine and is considered trustworthy and accurate.

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How Long Does It Take to Lose Weight With Ozempic? 

People who take Ozempic to lose weight will start seeing results based on various factors. For example, people who combine Ozempic with exercise and a healthy diet will start losing weight sooner than those who don’t. Additionally, the higher the dose of Ozempic, the sooner you start losing weight. In general, however, most people will start losing weight within two to four weeks of when they start taking Ozempic.

How to Take Ozempic for Weight Loss

Another key factor in how fast and effective Ozempic is for weight loss is how you take it. This includes the method of ingesting Ozempic, as well as working out the correct dosage. For maximum effectiveness, you should take Ozempic via an intramuscular injection. However, there are also generic oral versions available, but their effectiveness is mostly unknown.

How to Administer Ozempic 

If you currently take Ozempic or want to take it to lose weight, it’s important to administer it correctly. Ozempic comes in pre-packaged syringes and needles, similar to insulin or epi-pens. Here’s how to administer Ozempic.

  1. Take the pre-packaged Ozempic syringe and inject it beneath the skin.
  2. Make sure to inject Ozempic just beneath the skin, avoiding muscles, veins, and blood vessels.
  3. The best place to inject Ozempic is in the stomach, upper arm, or thigh.

Here are a few additional tips and tricks for taking Ozempic.

  • Ozempic should get taken once per week and never more.
  • Try to take Ozempic on the same day every week, both for consistency and maximum effectiveness.
  • If you miss a day, it’s ok to take Ozempic the next day but adjust your schedule moving forward.
  • Alternate the sites where you inject Ozempic to reduce pain and potential scarring marks from injections.
  • You don’t have to eat food before or after taking Ozempic.
  • Store Ozempic in the refrigerator between doses.
  • Be careful with the amount of alcohol you consume while you’re taking Ozempic. Alcohol consumption with this drug can lead to further complications such as pancreatitis.

If you want to maximize Ozempic’s weight loss benefits, it’s important to follow these tips and tricks and stick to the ensuing dosing schedule.

Ozempic Dosing

Because Ozempic is only approved for use as a diabetes medication and not a weight loss medication, you should stick to the recommended dosage for Ozempic as a diabetes medication. Taking too much Ozempic too soon could be detrimental and do more harm than good. Therefore, here’s the recommended dosage chart for taking Ozempic.

  1. .25 mg of Ozempic once per week for the first month.
  2. .5 mg of Ozempic once per week for the second month.
  3. 1 mg of Ozempic once per week for the third month.
  4. 2 mg of Ozempic once per week for the fourth month and beyond.
  5. It’s not recommended to take more than 2.0 mg of Ozempic in a week’s time.

Because 2.0 mg is the maximum recommended dosage for Ozempic, but the maximum dosage for Wegovy is 2.4 mg, Ozempic is less effective than Wegovy for weight loss. However, even in smaller amounts, Ozempic can help you lose weight. 

Ozempic Side Effects

Ozempic is considered fairly safe and stable compared to other medications, and there are minimal side effects. However, like all drugs and medications, Ozempic doesn’t come without its risks. Here are some of the known side effects and risks involved with taking Ozempic.

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While these side effects are possible, they’re seen in fewer than 5% of people who take Ozempic. However, if you notice any of these effects or related conditions soon after taking Ozempic, you should immediately cease the medication and contact your medical provider.

Who Should Take Ozempic?

Thanks to the presence of semaglutide and emerging research, there’s little doubt that Ozempic has weight loss benefits. However, just because you want to lose a few pounds doesn’t mean that Ozempic is right for you. Remember, Ozempic is only approved as a drug to treat diabetes, and weight loss is a happy side effect. Ozempic isn’t recommended as a standalone drug to help people lose weight.

Despite what you may see or hear on social media and the internet, Ozempic isn’t always a good weight loss option for the general public. In order for it to be effective, you must meet certain criteria, such as being obese and having diabetes. If you don’t have these two conditions, you should consider Wegovy or others in place of Ozempic since Wegovy is an FDA-approved weight loss medication.

However, due to recent Wegovy shortages, people are starting to turn more and more to Ozempic.

Additionally, you should not take Ozempic if you have one of the following conditions.

Ozempic Weight Loss Benefits 

While Ozempic has certain weight loss benefits, it isn’t specifically designed to help you lose weight. Instead, weight loss is a side effect of taking Ozempic for diabetes control. However, regardless of why you take Ozempic, there’s a good chance you’ll lose weight while taking it.

In addition to looking and feeling better than ever, this will also reduce the risks of having a heart attack, stroke, or developing cardiovascular problems. Ozempic can also increase liver health by reducing the amount of fat and sugar stored inside it.

Maximizing Ozempic for Weight Loss 

If you want to maximize the potential weight loss benefits of Ozempic, combining it with other forms of healthy living is important. This includes changing the things and amount that you eat and drink and starting an exercise regimen.

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Additionally, because Ozempic reduces your hunger and keeps food in your stomach longer, it’s extra important to choose healthy food and drink.

How to Get Ozempic for Weight Loss

Currently, the only way to get Ozempic for weight loss is with a doctor’s prescription. Although it’s only approved as a diabetes medication, getting Ozempic specifically for weight loss is possible. In order to do that, you’ll have to consult your doctor and have them prescribe Ozempic to you, which can be tricky since it isn’t approved as a weight loss medication.

If you don’t have luck with your family doctor, you can also see a private or concierge physician who will perform a physical on you and determine whether or not you meet the criteria for Ozempic. If you do, you can start taking Ozempic immediately and continue to do so for as long as necessary.

It’s important to note, however, that once you stop taking Ozempic, it’s typical to quickly regain the weight that you lost. Ozempic quells your appetite and helps food stay in your stomach longer, but only temporarily. Therefore, if you stop taking Ozempic, your appetite, and stomach will return to normal, and it’s common for people to regain weight if they don’t combine Ozempic with lifestyle changes.


Although it isn’t FDA-approved as a weight loss medication, there’s no doubt that Ozempic has weight loss benefits. As long as you consult a physician to get a prescription for Ozempic and continue consulting them while taking the drug, Ozempic is a viable weight-loss medication.

However, it’s important to remember to combine a healthy diet, meditation, exercise, and other lifestyle changes with Ozempic. This will maximize the benefits of the medication and increase your discipline so that you can keep the weight off should you ever decide to stop taking Ozempic. 

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