How to Get Gut Microbiome Testing in San Francisco

Having issues in your gastrointestinal tract due to an imbalance can affect your everyday life. With gut microbiome testing, you will be able to pinpoint these imbalances in order to get proper treatment and start feeling better.

What is a gut microbiome test?

A gut microbiome test measures the amount and types of bacteria and viruses present in your gut. This is usually done through a stool sample. The presence of bacteria is not always bad, but the issue rises when there is an imbalance between good and bad bacteria.

How does a gut microbiome test work?

More than 200 types of bacteria can be present in your gut, and imbalance is linked to different medical conditions, including type 2 diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease, colorectal cancer, and cardiovascular disease. A stool sample is collected and sent to the lab for processing with this type of testing.

What are the benefits of a gut microbiome test?

There are in-home test kits that you can do yourself when it comes to gut microbiome tests, but these are unreliable because you still need to have a doctor look at the results in cases of underlying conditions that need treatment.

Seeing a doctor or having a concierge doctor go over the results with you is the main goal of having a gut microbiome test. It can pinpoint issues and imbalances in the gut so that you can be recommended a course of treatment and possibly figure out underlying causes.

In-home gut microbiome test in San Francisco

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