8 Ways Workplace Covid-19 Testing Can Help Your Business

As a business owner, keeping staff healthy and avoiding Covid-19 outbreaks is necessary regardless of the size of your business. Testing is a valuable tool, but putting further burden on your employees to seek out tests is both harsh and impractical, and finding DIY kits that are easy to use and practical from a business sense seems overwhelming (if your state allows them at all). Read on about 8 reasons why onsite Covid-19 testing by medical service providers can help simplify your Covid-19 strategy and allow you to focus on your business.

1. You can focus on your business, not the pandemic

Although the upfront cost of purchasing DIY testing kits may seem like a good deal, many business owners find they are not as simple as they seem once in hand. The hours spent researching tests, educating staff on how to use them correctly, obtaining, distributing and collecting the appropriate consent forms, kits, and samples are hours taken away from your business.

CMDLA offers our expertise so you can focus on yours.

2. You can get guidance to stay within guidelines

Covid-19 has created unprecedented challenges in hitting the right balance between keeping the workplace safe while respecting employee policy. There are numerous rules and regulations regarding what you may or may not do or ask of employees, and confidentiality must be followed.

With CMDLA, you’ll get our expertise in local and federal rules surrounding all things Covid-19. Our experts can help you develop a plan that both respects and protects your staff during the pandemic – whether you have a large Human Relations department, or run a small local business.

3. You can ensure everyone is properly tested

While no employer wants to believe their employees would intentionally misrepresent their health, putting the burden on employees to obtain testing does not offer much peace of mind. DIY tests may be done incorrectly or lost in the mail; testing centers may be overburdened or short on testing supplies; and employees relying on income may be afraid of losing hours. Not to mention the risk of employees being exposed to Covid while attempting to access tests.

Our onsite services relieve your employees of this responsibility and reassure them that your priority is their safety. Employees will appreciate that a medical professional is administering the test and overseeing results, rather than being anxious about human error.

4. You can get results in 30 minutes or less

Getting results fast means you can quickly isolate the infected person from the rest of your staff and put a new plan in place quickly to get operations back on track.

CMDLA offers two rapid-result tests, as well as tests which require lab processing.

5. Maintain smooth operations

Isolating infected and exposed employees as quickly as possible to prevent outbreaks means you can put back up staff in place quickly with confidence in everyone’s safety.

6. Prevent the virus from entering the workplace

Staff operating off-site (ie, making deliveries, repair services, seeing clients, etc.) are at higher risk of exposure to Covid-19. Regular testing helps prevent someone from inadvertently spreading the virus to colleagues.

7. Progressive discounts

Many employers understandably concerned about the cost of testing all employees regularly. However, these services are not as costly as you may imagine.

CMDLA offers incentives for employers to incorporate our services into their workplace health campaigns. We want to reward businesses committed to the safety of their staff and customers through regular testing.

8. Unmatched convenience

CMDLA’s services are only a phone call away. Our experts will work with you to create a plan that works for your business – whether on a case-by-case basis or incorporating testing into an existing safety plan.

Discover How CMDLA’s Covid-19 Testing Can Help You Resume Business

Whether you have hundreds of employees or just a few, CMDLA is committed to helping you create a comprehensive, custom testing plan to resume and maintain operations during the pandemic. From navigating employee rights and confidentiality to safely administering tests, we offer our expertise so you can focus on yours.

On testing day(s), one or more of our registered nurses will set up a testing area onsite and safely administer tests to your employees. Whether you choose a rapid test for same-day results, or a test that requires lab processing, our team will guide you and your employees through the next steps should someone test positive.

Call us to discuss how we can help your business today!

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