How To Get A House Call Concierge Doctor In New Jersey

As the pandemic continues, many people are turning to house call concierge physicians as a reliable and convenient way to get treatment. Is a house call concierge doctor in New Jersey right for you? Continue reading to learn more!

How do house call concierge doctor appointments work?

House call concierge doctors, also referred to as direct primary care (DPC) physicians, accept payment directly rather than accepting insurance. Services are either charged “a la carte,” or you can pay a monthly membership fee with an inclusive range of services. House call concierge doctors provide care similar to that of a traditional primary care physician (PCP).

What are the advantages of concierge doctors over PCPs?

Eliminating the administrative burden of processing insurance claims allows doctors to operate a more patient-focused practice. Concierge medical providers typically have fewer patients overall and offer longer appointment times than traditional practices. Other benefits of concierge medicine include:

  • Schedule Flexibility: House call concierge doctors can meet you at your home or office, allowing you to get the care you need without disrupting your busy schedule.
  • Better Communication: In addition to longer appointment times, many concierge practices offer additional support via telehealth services, allowing you to give health updates, ask questions, and get advice for your general wellness needs.
  • Reduce Exposure to Covid-19: Avoiding waiting rooms at physician’s offices greatly lessens the likelihood of being exposed to Covid-19 and other highly transmissible illnesses.

Concierge MD: House Call Concierge Doctor In New Jersey For You

If you need a house call concierge doctor in New Jersey, reach out to Concierge MD. We are a licensed, mobile healthcare practice of a wide range of services, including:

  • Direct Primary Care: Get annual physicals, preventative screenings, blood tests, and more.
  • Covid-19: We offer testing, monoclonal antibody treatment, and can prescribe Remdesivir to those who test positive for Covid-19.
  • Lab Tests & Mobile Imaging: Choose from a variety of in-home lab tests or diagnostic imaging, such as x-rays, ultrasounds, or EKGs.
  • Medical Weight Loss: We can guide you in achieving and maintaining a healthy weight!

Concierge MD administers all services in the comfort and privacy of your home, with telehealth support between appointments. Contact us by giving us a call or clicking the button below today!

Experience Care with ConciergeMD

ConciergeMD offers coverage throughout the United States.