Are Peptide Injections Effective

As we confront the challenges that come with living in human bodies, we may see a variety of treatments that promise things like increased wellness levels, increased sports performance, or increased sexual performance. Seldom do the long-term treatments produce desirable and sustainable results.

One of the treatment options available to address these issues is peptide treatment. This article will discuss what peptides are, how peptides work in the body, and what you can expect when you pursue peptide treatments.

What are peptides?

Peptides are short protein strings (amino acids) that the body uses as biological signals for different biological developments. Examples of peptides are insulin, which helps regulate blood sugar, and oxytocin, a peptide that helps humans feel bonds with each other and with their environment.

Peptides tell the body to perform different functions. It can be as simple as healing a small cut or as complicated as distributing the water balance in the cells and intercellular fluid. There is no doubt that peptides are instrumental in human health and wellness, but how does peptide treatment work?

How peptide therapy works

Peptides can either be taken orally or self-injected. They are usually administered five to seven days a week, depending on the conditions being treated. Peptide therapy exists to help athletes build lean muscle, helping induce healthy and restorative sleep patterns, increasing libido and sexual performance, and even improving medical conditions like osteoporosis.

Since there are a few options to consider when choosing peptide therapy, there are a few things that you should consider when deciding whether to pursue oral treatments or IV treatments.

Oral vs. IV treatments

Oral treatments can be more convenient when taking on a regimen of treatments that happens multiple times a week, but the stuff you want to get into your blood has a tougher time getting there through your stomach.

Since the biological environment of the stomach is designed to break down proteins, it is likely that only a small fraction of the peptides you want will get to your blood, whereas IV treatments guarantee that the peptides make it where they need to go.

The process of undergoing peptide treatment

Of course, taking a pill is easy enough, but you may be forgoing the effects you want because of it.

You may be thinking that self-injection sounds scary or at least not very reassuring, and five days a week! Maybe you don’t like needles, but it is really much easier than you would think.

Concierge Medical Doctors have invented a system of self-administered treatments that is full-proof and effective. We have a variety of different peptide treatments for you to choose from, and we are here to help if you have questions. If you want to put on more muscle at the gym or even just stay asleep at night, we have what you need to give your body the treatment it deserves. If you are interested in treating your body well, we look forward to hearing from you.

Experience The Benefits Of Peptide Therapy With Concierge MD

If you are looking for a peptide therapy provider, contact Concierge MD. We are a licensed healthcare provider of a wide range of mobile and virtual healthcare services including peptide therapy. Our experts can provide a comprehensive telehealth consultation to determine if peptide therapy is the right choice for you. Should peptide therapy be appropriate, we will work with you to determine a custom treatment plan that addresses your health needs.

We offer the following peptide therapies:

  • BPC 157: Muscle tissue and joint recovery formula
  • Ipamorelin/CJC-1295: Lean muscle mass and fat loss formula

Your peptide therapy home kit includes all the instructions and materials you need to self-inject peptides. Through our telehealth portal, you can ask questions and report your progress throughout your treatment. Concierge MD is proud to offer professional, convenient, and discreet healthcare services. Reach out to make an appointment by giving us a call or clicking the button below today!

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