How to Get Inflammation Testing in San Diego?

Inflammation testing is one of the most important tools that a medical professional can recommend to detect inflammation. Inflammation affects numerous people and can be caused by injury or infection.

What are the benefits of inflammation testing?

The number one benefit of inflammation testing is determining whether you are suffering from inflammation by testing inflammation markers. While this test will not pinpoint why you are suffering from inflammation, it will pave the way for further testing to reach a diagnosis and treatment plan.

Benefits of in-home inflammation testing

In-home concierge medical services have taken the world by storm, especially since the onset of the pandemic. Back then, it was seen as a way for people to stay home without risking exposure to a contagious disease, but it has slowly become a new norm for people looking for ease of access and convenience.

A concierge doctor will go to your home with in-home testing and perform the needed tests. He will take the samples with him and send them to the lab for processing. When the results are in, a consultative phone call or video appointment will be set up so that it can be discussed. Further steps will also be discussed in this consultation, depending on the test results.

In-home inflammation testing in San Diego

If you are looking for in-home inflammation testing in San Diego, contact Concierge MD today! We pride ourselves on creating a personalized approach with our patients to provide a seamless experience for your testing needs.

Get your at Home Inflammation Test in San Diego with Concierge MD

Check out Concierge MD if you need an inflammation test done to determine the inflammation markers that can cause a lot of problems but prefer to avoid the doctor's office because it’s too much of an inconvenience. Obtaining an inflammation test in the comfort of your own home is very easy with Concierge MD and it can be done online or by a phone call.

A visit from one of our medical professionals to your house to collect the samples needed for the lab test is simple to schedule. Next, we send the sample off to the lab, and when we get the results, we'll have a professional get in touch with you to explain what they mean.

Avoid the clinic by scheduling an inflammation test with Concierge MD to be performed in the comfort of your own home.

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