How To Identify Dietary Intolerances With Food Sensitivity Testing in Los Angeles

Numerous people are affected by dietary intolerances, which can lead to discomfort and strike at any time. Determining what types of food you can be sensitive to is essential to creating a dietary plan around it to feel better with your food choices. Reaching this conclusion can be difficult and time-consuming if you do it on your own, so it is essential to undergo food sensitivity testing.

What is a food sensitivity test?

A food sensitivity test determines certain types of food that you have trouble ingesting. The most common type of this is lactose intolerance.

Benefits of a food sensitivity test

Food sensitivity tests have grown in popularity over the last few years, especially among people looking for wellness options to improve their health. There are even home tests that you can take yourself and send back to get results. This type of testing can be inaccurate. If you want to undergo this type of testing, it is better to go to a doctor or have a concierge doctor go to your home.

The main benefit of a food sensitivity test is to determine what types of food you should avoid to stay healthy and avoid complications from food sensitivity.

In-home testing for dietary intolerances in Los Angeles

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Learn which foods your body doesn’t tolerate with a convenient in-home food sensitivity test. One of our medical experts comes to your location to collect samples for lab testing. Once your results are in, we will help you understand your results and recommend the next steps.

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