5 star ratingI needed an on call doctor when I really wasn't feeling well and MD Malkin was there when I needed him. He's efficient and provides great quality care, I wouldn't recommend anyone else.

Krisy M. Avatar
Krisy M.

5 star ratingWhat an amazing experience. I had a cold that would not go away. The thought of driving to a Doctor's Office, filling out forms, flipping through dog-eared magazines, donning a paper robe and waiting in a cold exam room for a doctor to briefly appear was quite un-appealing. Thankfully, I discovered the kind, compassionate, tech-savvy and intelligent Dr. Malkin. He offered traditional medicine, and suggested holistic options as well. I took his holistic advice and was feeling better the very next day. This is the way of the future. I found my new MD. Thank you, Dr. Malkin.

Elizabeth B. Avatar
Elizabeth B.

5 star ratingDr. Malkin is simply amazing! He called me back right away and came to my apartment within an hour. He knew exactly what my ailment was and prescribed medication right away. He was attentive and very respectful (considering it was a sensitive exam and matter.) Quick and helpful. Will definitely be using his services again! Thanks Dr. Malkin!

Allie P. Avatar
Allie P.

5 star ratingDr. Malkin came highly recommended and did not disappoint.  I had never considered using something like a concierge MD LA but was extremely satisfied with my experience.  I felt like I was in good hands and am glad to have called him.

Miles B. Avatar
Miles B.

5 star ratingExtremely wonderful service and a personality to match. I would highly recommend these Professional Services to anyone looking for a quality dr. Really seems like he cares about you and your health!

Raja H. Avatar
Raja H.

5 star ratingMy stomach wasn't feeling too good and I didn't feel like going all the way to the clinic so I decided to try Dr. Malkin's concierge service. I've never done an at home doctor's visit before so I was skeptical. The whole process was quick, easy, and efficient! Dr. Malkin is great and he even saw me during the holiday weekend. I highly recommend!

Addie F. Avatar
Addie F.

5 star ratingMy first choice in medical care and advice, Dr. Malkin is a doctor you can have an honest conversation with regarding your health. His services are comprehensive and he is always focused on your best interest. He is very honest, kind, and respectful. If you're in need of medical care, without a doubt, Dr.Malkin is the best.

Alyssa F. Avatar
Alyssa F.

5 star ratingDr. Malkin and his staff made me feel comfortable, understood, and cared after. They paid incredible attention to detail when it came to my medical history. After my first visit I was left with a feeling of immense reassurance that I was in good hands with him and his team. They tailored my recovery plan with solutions that were medically progressive and personalized to my lifestyle. Timely, efficient, clean, and it's obvious they care about their patients. Definitely using them again, I've found myself a new primary doctor.

Ariane S. Avatar
Ariane S.

5 star ratingDefinitely hate the doctors office... but for one reason, the waiting room. It's a pain and always backlogged.  Was HIGHLY recommended this service from a friend and it was definitely worth a try!!! Schedule and service was handled beyond expectations! 10+ in my book and definitely want to thank whoever thought of the idea and want to imprison all other who have not been pursuing this as an option! Ha Ha jk

Chris M. Avatar
Chris M.

5 star ratingI have been struggling with nasal issues my whole life so I often have problems with post nasal congestion. Dr. Malkin was a last resort because it was past 9:00pm and I was exhausted from coughing fits. It was awesome that he picked right up and after he told me cost, and how his practice generally works he and I had a lengthy visit about what was happening. Having someone that gives you the time you need to express your symptoms and gives advise and multiple options for treatment is rare. What I appreciated most was his follow ups. He followed up as he said he would both the next day, 3 days later, and even after that checking on my progress. I've been to other doctors who have someone else call for them. He is the real deal, and I hope anyone who needs medical help uses his services. Amazing.

Kyle M. Avatar
Kyle M.

5 star ratingI have used Dr. Malkin's concierge house call service a number of times and I am extremely satisfied. Dr. Malkin is a caring and attentive doctor that makes the whole experience so pleasant and seamless. I highly recommend this house call service for busy professionals that are looking for a better healthcare experience.

Michael S. Avatar
Michael S.

5 star ratingConcierage MD delivered! Dr. Malkin was very quick to help. I was coming down with a cold and had a nasty cough. He was at my place within half an hour to assess me. When I'm sick I have a hard time mustering up the strength to leave my bed so it is so convenient having a doctor who will come to you. He was very thorough and professional. Would definitely use again. Thank you dr Malkin!

Hanna E. Avatar
Hanna E.


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