Lab Tests: Vitamin D Testing

Been sick a lot lately?  40% of the US population is deficient in Vitamin D.  Concierge MD offers simple, convenient delivery Vitamin D testing check you’re getting the right amount.

What is Vitamin D?

vitamin d testingVitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that your body does not produce on its own. That means you need to obtain vitamin D through external sources, such as your diet or supplementation.

Vitamin D plays a role in many of your body’s systems such as your cell growth and development, immune function, cardiovascular health, metabolism, inflammation regulation, and more.

Most people can get enough vitamin D through exposure to sunlight. However, with many people spending most of their time indoors due to work or school, it isn’t always possible to get the exposure you need in order for your body to convert enough vitamin D for normal function.

Vitamin D deficiency can influence your:

  • Circulatory system
  • Mood
  • Energy levels
  • Metabolism
  • Bone health
  • Respiratory system
  • Muscle aches and weakness

A deficiency in vitamin D can lead to frequent short-term illnesses and long-term chronic diseases, which is why it’s important to correct a deficiency as soon as possible.

What are the Most Common Causes of Vitamin D Deficiency?

A deficiency in vitamin D is a fairly common condition, affecting 40% of the population. Vitamin D deficiency is easy to correct with changes to your diet or lifestyle, especially with supplementation.

Common causes of vitamin D deficiency include:

  • Lack of exposure to sunlight
  • Insufficient vitamin D in your diet
  • Malabsorption (your body is unable to absorb vitamin D due to an underlying condition)
  • Your body is unable to sufficiently convert vitamin D
  • A medication that you take is influencing your body’s ability to absorb vitamin D

A blood test is the only way to be certain whether you have a deficiency in vitamin D.

At-Home Vitamin D Testing

Vitamin D testing can benefit anyone who wants to optimize the bacteria in their intestines to promote long-term wellness. When you know what’s causing your symptoms and what you can do to prevent vitamin D deficiency, you can make adjustments to your diet and lifestyle so that you feel your best year-round.

At-home vitamin D testing is a fast, convenient way to identify whether you have a deficiency in this essential vitamin. This blood panel only takes a few minutes to administer and can be performed not only at your home, but your office, a hotel, a dorm, or elsewhere in Los Angeles.

We bring the appointment to you so that you can enjoy the benefits of knowing whether you have a deficiency on your time and schedule.

Symptoms of Vitamin D Deficiency

vitamin d testingThere are many potential symptoms of vitamin D deficiency, and some people have no symptoms at all. As a result, a blood test is the only way to be certain whether you are deficient in vitamin D.

Common symptoms of vitamin D deficiency include:

  • Fatigue
  • Weakness
  • Unexplained mood changes, especially depression or anxiety
  • Muscle aches and weakness
  • Back pain
  • Frequent illness
  • Slow wound healing
  • Hair loss

Many of these symptoms overlap with other conditions, so it is possible to have a vitamin D deficiency without even realizing it. With our lab test, you can identify whether your body is getting enough of this essential nutrient and make lifestyle and diet changes as needed for your long-term health.

Next Steps for Vitamin D Testing

Once your lab test results are in, Concierge MD will consult with you and provide a full, detailed explanation about the test and answer any questions you may have about vitamin D deficiency. You’ll receive a full documentation of your test results along with a personalized assessment.

From there, we can customize a treatment plan for you that takes into consideration your lifestyle and personal preferences, creating the optimal way to ensure that you are getting enough vitamin D as part of your long-term preventive health care plan.

Although a deficiency in this essential vitamin can cause both short and long-term symptoms, lifestyle changes, the inclusion of vitamin D into your diet, and supplements can quickly correct this imbalance.

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