Is it Safe to Use a Ketamine Nasal Spray?

It is safe to use ketamine nasal spray as long as you use it under medical supervision.

This article will describe why getting professional help is the safest way to treat depression and why you should not try to self-treat using ketamine nasal sprays.

Why is getting professional help the safest way to treat depression?

There are several reasons why getting professional help is the safest way to treat depression.

Firstly, trying to fight off depression with sheer willpower and other means from within yourself will likely not get you very far. Because the depression is working against you and making you feel incapable of accomplishing your goals or sometimes even keeping up with the tasks required for daily living. Willpower and determination are important in the fight against depression, but they need a boost from your medications and the coping skills you learn in therapy.

Secondly, dealing with your depression alone will likely just add to your loneliness and despair and make you feel even more misunderstood and isolated from others.

Finally, you are more likely to get frustrated with yourself if your efforts to curb your depression are not enough, and this can make the depression worse.

Psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, etc., are trained and have experience helping people get through depression. They know what works and what does not, or they can give you more insight than you can. They are there to help you and make you feel less alone.

Why should I not try to self-treat using ketamine nasal sprays?

Ketamine is FDA-approved as an aesthetic and can be used off-label (unofficially) to treat depression. However, you must use ketamine nasal spray according to the directions given to you by your doctor. Your doctor will know the appropriate dose and how many times a day or week you need to use the nasal spray. If you use it on your own, you may take the wrong dose or take it too frequently, which can lead to serious consequences.

Ketamine is used as a street drug because of the relaxed, euphoric feelings it gives users and because it can cause hallucinations, which cause you to see and hear things that are not real. Using ketamine for the high it provides is a misuse of the drug. Even if you begin taking ketamine to treat depression, you could use it inappropriately if you guide yourself through your treatment.

It is possible to become dependent on ketamine. You may also reach the point where you need more and more ketamine to feel its effects. Addiction and overdose are also possible. Suppose you are using ketamine prescribed by your doctor, and your doctor is monitoring your use. In that case, they will be able to stop you from using ketamine to the point that you overdose or become dependent or addicted.

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