Stem Cell IV Therapy

Stem cell IV therapy is a cutting-edge treatment that can help your body regenerate cells and repair damaged tissue, promoting long-term health. Concierge MD offers at-home IV stem cell treatments in the comfort of your home, hotel, or office for unmatched convenience.


  • Stem cells are undifferentiated cells – meaning they can become any type of cell in your body – for significant regenerative potential.
  • Stem cell IV therapy administers stem cells and saline solution directly into your bloodstream, making stem cells available to tissues and cells throughout your body.
  • Concierge MD uses ethically-sourced stem cells derived from carefully screened, donated umbilical cord blood.
  • IV stem cell treatments can help address a wide range of conditions, including neurodegenerative disease, stroke, osteoarthritis and joint mobility, diabetes, skin care, and wound healing.
  • Concierge MD brings IV stem cell treatments directly to you for maximum convenience and comfort.

What are Stem Cells?

IV stem cell anti-aging treatmentsStem cells are undifferentiated cells, meaning that they do not have a predefined function. They can become any type of cell and divide into more of the same. After they have become a specialized type of cell, they will continue regenerating, repairing damage and promoting healthy growth in the area.

Stem cell treatments belong to the family of regenerative medicine. This relatively new field aims to harness and expand your body’s natural healing capacity to prevent and treat illness, injury, disease, and aging. Stem cells have the potential to regenerate damaged tissue when your body’s natural repair mechanism has reached its limit.

What is Stem Cell IV Therapy?

At home IV drip detailStem cell IV therapy administers a combination of stem cells and hydrating saline solution through a catheter and directly into your bloodstream. The stem cells then travel through your bloodstream, where they become available for use in cells, organs, and tissues throughout your body. Once a stem cell reaches its destination, it matures into the same type of local cell and promotes healthy cell function.

Just like other forms of IV infusions, stem cell IV treatments rely on gravity and not a syringe, such as an injection, to deliver the treatment into your veins. As a result, most treatments take 30 – 45 minutes to fully administer. Our staff will be on-site with you to monitor your infusion during your entire appointment and answer any questions you may have.

Unlike stem cell injections, which are given to a specific area to promote localized healing, intravenous stem cells have the potential to reach every organ in your body. Stem cells naturally seek out damage in your body, so they can promote healing and repair simultaneously across multiple sites.

Where do Our Stem Cells Come From?

blood test tubesStem cells can come from a variety of areas such as your bone marrow, adipose tissue, umbilical cord blood, or umbilical cord tissue. We FDA-compliant stem cells sourced from donated umbilical cords in a process that is non-invasive and safe for new mothers and infants. These umbilical cords are collected under strict protocols, after which the cord blood is taken to a lab and processed for use in IV stem cell treatments.

Our stem cells come from cord blood because this source contains a higher yield of stem cells than methods such as bone marrow or adipose tissue.

In addition, umbilical cord stem cells are a “…rich source of hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) and MSCs, which possess enormous regeneration potential…”, maximizing the potential therapeutic effect during stem cell IV treatment.

What Can Stem Cell IV Therapy Treat?

Because stem cells can become any type of cell in your body, the regenerative applications are almost limitless. Studies of IV stem cell treatments have shown that this treatment may benefit individuals with a wide range of conditions.

Stem cell IV therapy can promote healing and regeneration, but everyone’s path to wellness is different. Our doctor will consult with you before treatment to develop a plan that is customized to your health goals and medical history.

Neurodegenerative Diseases

iv stem cell therapyNeurodegenerative diseases are chronic conditions which result from the gradual decline and loss of motor neurons, the cells that are responsible for your balance, speech, breathing, and more. Many neurodegenerative diseases do not currently have a cure, but symptoms can be ameliorated through treatment and medication.

Umbilical cord stem cells (USCS) are a potential treatment option for neurodegenerative diseases including multiple sclerosis, ALS, Huntington’s disease, and Parkinson’s disease. Stem cells may also improve symptoms of “…spinal myelitis, systemic lupus erythematosus, Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and congenital neuropathies”.

Recent studies about stem cells and Alzheimer’s Disease suggest that this innovative treatment may extend patients’ quality of life, although more research will be needed to determine whether stem cells can cure this disease. Researchers are optimistic about the future of stem cells successfully treating Alzheimer’s Disease.


iv stem cell therapyA stroke occurs when blood flow to the brain is temporarily interrupted. This momentary lapse can lead to irreversible tissue damage and impaired motor and speech function.

Stem cells have been studied as a potential way to repair damaged tissue after stroke and help restore normal function. One study has found that stem cell IV therapy “…may aid in repair mechanisms in stroke…” and was well-tolerated by patients, meaning few adverse side effects.

Joint Mobility

iv stem cell therapyArthritis is a common, chronic condition that can cause stiff and painful joints. Stem cell injections can regenerate cartilage, ultimately improving joint mobility and function when used as a treatment for osteoarthritis.

Stem cell treatment can suppress autoimmune responses in rheumatoid arthritis, decreasing inflammation and pain for an improved quality of life. Stem cell treatment may also promote local regeneration to reverse tissue damage and restore joint mobility, comfort, and function.

Skin and Wound Healing

iv stem cell therapyYour skin protects your tissues, bones, and nerves, and blood vessels from damage every day. Unfortunately, skin damage is all but inevitable.

Studies consistently support findings that stem cells promote tissue regeneration, modulate wound healing, and enhance wound healing and skin regeneration.

Stem cells target healing wounds, where they differentiate into local cells and replicate into healthy tissue to improve overall outcomes. Stem cells can help repair damaged tissue restore normal function to damaged areas as well as treat chronic wounds.

Other Applications

Stem cell treatment is an exciting new field with vast therapeutic potential. Further research will only improve the reach and effectiveness of therapy. There are many ongoing studies about stem cells in addition to the areas discussed above, including:

If you have questions about how stem cell IV therapy works or if this treatment is right for you, don’t hesitate to call. Our staff is happy to answer any questions you have.

What to Expect During IV Therapy

DripHydration IV TherapyIn-home IV stem cell therapy is a truly exciting advance in the field of regenerative medicine. Concierge MD LA is excited to bring appointments to your home for your convenience. You can even have your pet with you during the appointment, if desired.

You do not need to have any special equipment or supplies on-hand; our staff will arrive at your home with everything necessary for the appointment.

We will set up your appointment in the location of your choice; we recommend a comfortable place such as a favorite chair, a bed, or a sofa. We will then insert an IV line that is attached to an infusion bag that contains a combination of saline solution and stem cells. The bag will be hung above your head, and the IV will ‘drip’ into your bloodstream by way of a small catheter and tubing.

Once your IV is in place, all you have to do is sit back and wait. You can work, read a book, watch a TV show, or anything else you would like to do while you wait. Our staff will monitor the entire appointment and will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Most appointments take 30 – 45 minutes to administer, after which you can resume your daily activities as normal.

Have questions? Want to know if IV stem cell therapy is right for you? Give us a call. We’re more than happy to answer anything you want to know about this innovative and exciting therapy.


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