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Dr. Abe MalkinConcierge MD LA | The Beginning of a Better Healthcare Experience

Thank you for considering us for your concierge medical needs. To help you better understand our program, I am providing you with background information on Dr. Malkin and a summary of our services.

Dr. Abe Malkin is a Southern California native, growing up in Los Angeles. He received his undergraduate degree at Yeshiva University in New York and then earned his combined MD/MBA degree from a joint program at Tufts University School of Medicine and Brandies University Heller School of Business. He then completed his Family Medicine Residency training at Kaiser Permanente in Los Angeles. Dr. Malkin is board certified in Family Medicine and an active member of the American Board of Family Medicine. He is the Founder of Concierge MD Los Angeles, focusing on medical house calls for primary care and urgent medical services.

Our focus is to develop a wellness plan personalized to your health needs and concerns. Wellness is a whole-body and mind process. We will not only concentrate on treating individual symptoms, but we will explore root cause issues, uncovering present and future complications. Our wellness strategy includes traditional medical diagnostics along with functional medicine techniques including optimizing micronutrients and hormones, identifying food sensitivities, resolving stomach and digestion problems and decreasing body inflammation. These are the key components to well-being and prevention of ailments and chronic conditions.

Choose Your Plan – Monthly or Yearly

Both plans offer the essentials for proactive healthcare, but the Executive (yearly) plan has many additional benefits here:

  • Monthly Member

  • $500mo
  • Services Included:

    • Coordination and management of your ongoing medical care
    • Annual physical and wellness assessment
    • Personalized wellness plan
    • Monthly home visits
    • Same-day appointments
    • Phone and text access
    • Annual routine lab testing
    • Annual influenza vaccination
    • 20% discount on IV treatments with Drip Hydration

    Personal on-call care coordinator, assisting with:

    • Scheduling appointments
    • Specialist referrals
    • Prescription refills
    • Coordination of diagnostic testing
    • Scheduling of therapeutic and wellness infusions
    • Medical records request
    • Preventative care tracking
    • Chronic condition management
    • Vaccination needs
    • Medical Forms completion
    • Tracking results
    • General health questions and concerns

  • Annual Executive Member

  • $7000yr
  • **Includes all monthly member services

    Includes the following additional services:

    • Comprehensive functional medicine panel including:
      • Micronutrient testing
      • Cardiometabolic testing
      • Allergy testing
      • Gut microbiome testing
      • Genetic testing
    • Naturopathic consultation
    • Fitness consultation
    • Nutrition consultation
    • 2 Complimentary IV treatments

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