House Call Doctor – Care for Busy Families with Children

When you’re managing the schedules and needs of a busy family, a sudden illness can throw everything into disarray. Concierge MD saves you the time and hassle of visiting a clinic. We bring doctors appointments to busy families with children over two years old directly to your home in Los Angeles.

Why is a House Call Doctor Right for Families?

concierge urgent careBetween managing multiple schedules, work, school, social obligations, and family time, parents juggle a lot of tasks. There’s never an ideal time to get sick, but illness is especially inconvenient for families. A sick child or parent can impact everyone’s day-to-day schedule.

A house call doctor brings the knowledge of traditional medicine directly to your home. Concierge MD not only saves you the time and hassle of visiting your local clinic, we help foster a safe and stress-free environment for young children’s appointments.

Concierge MD offers families…

  • The convenience of on-call, at-home healthcare
  • Comfortable and familiar surroundings to minimize stress for young children
  • Telemedicine for healthcare questions or concerns at any time of day so that you can make informed decisions about your family’s health
  • Telemedicine for questions about medications after the appointment
  • Time-saving prescription refills over the phone so that all you have to do is pick up your medication from your clinic of choice

House call doctor care is right for families with children and teens alike. We offer both urgent care as well as ongoing health management for optimal wellness for the whole family.

Concierge MD brings urgent and routine healthcare appointments directly to you at home,on your time and schedule. Whether you or someone in your family has a cold or the flu, has the stomach flu, or needs urgent care for a playground injury, we’ll bring top-quality care to your home to help you and your family feel your best year-round.

How a House Call Doctor Can Help Families

house call doctor for busy families with childrenFamilies keep busy schedules, and illness is never on the to-do list. When you or someone in your family gets sick, call Concierge MD. We offer a wide range of urgent and routine health care services to ensure that you and your family can get the on-call healthcare you need. We bring appointments directly to your home in Los Angeles for your convenience.

Concierge MD offers families with children over the age of two services such as:

  • Regular checkups as part of ongoing healthcare management
  • Ongoing healthcare management for long-term wellness
  • Urgent care for cold and flu, headaches, allergies, stomach flu, and more
  • Telemedicine for post-appointment questions and concerns
  • Direct-delivery IV treatments for parents who need energy-boosting IV infusions, a supercharged dose of immune-boosting vitamins, or a custom-blended IV to address a specific health need
  • Convenient over-the-phone prescription refills

Ongoing healthcare management can help you feel your best year-round. Convenient at-home appointments save you the time and hassle of visiting a clinic. Concierge MD helps ensure that your family receives high-quality healthcare when you need it most.

You don’t have to navigate the often-conflicting health information you find in an online search. We offer telemedicine care by way of video conferencing, phone calls, and texts so that you can get answers for your health or medication questions when you need them. You will be able to feel confident about making the best health decisions for your family when answers are just a phone call away.

As a further timesaver, we can refill prescriptions over-the-phone for you as well so that all you have to do is pick up your refill from your pharmacy of choice.

Whether you need immediate, urgent care for an unexpected illness or want ongoing at-home care, Concierge MD can help you and your family stay in your best health year-round.

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