House Call Doctor – Care for Busy Professionals, Students, and Business Travelers

Busy professionals, students, and business travelers all have one thing in common: lost time is lost productivity. Concierge MD LA brings wellness exams, treatments for headaches and food poisoning, urgent care for cold and flu, and more directly to you in Los Angeles.

Why is a House Call Doctor Right for Students and Busy Professionals?

house call doctor for individuals and business travelersBetween work, social obligations, performance goals, and family life, business professionals keep a tight schedule. There is never a good time to get sick, but illness is especially inconvenient for busy individuals. Likewise, business travelers cannot afford any lost time or performance when there are meetings to attend and clients to meet.

A house call doctor combines the knowledge of traditional medicine with the convenience of at-home appointments. Concierge MD LA saves you the time and hassle of visiting your local clinic by bringing the appointment to you.

Concierge MD LA offers individuals and business travelers…

  • Convenient at-home or hotel appointments
  • On-call services for unexpected healthcare needs
  • Telemedicine for post-appointment questions or concerns
  • Prescription refills over the phone
  • Hassle-free healthcare for individuals who are traveling and are not near their primary care provider

House call doctor care is right for individuals in all walks of life. We’ve helped entrepreneurs, business travelers, students, and many other people whose vocations demand top-notch performance.

Concierge MD LA brings urgent and regular appointments directly to you at home or at a hotel, saving you valuable time. Whether you’ve caught a cold or the flu, have the stomach flu, or need urgent headache or migraine relief, we’ll help ensure that you are in top form so you can perform your best.

How a House Call Doctor Can Help Individuals and Business Travelers

Meet Patient on House CallIndividuals and business travelers need to stay in good health to ensure they meet work or school goals and deadlines. Concierge MD LA offers a wide range of health care services to ensure that you can get the quality care that you need when you need it. We bring appointments to homes and hotels in Los Angeles for your convenience.

Concierge MD LA offers individuals and business travelers services such as:

  • Regular checkups as part of ongoing healthcare management
  • Urgent care for cold and flu, headaches, allergies, stomach flu, and more
  • Telemedicine for post-appointment questions and concerns
  • Convenient over-the-phone prescription refills
  • Direct-delivery IV treatments for performance-boosting energy and focus infusions, hydration, immune boost, and more
  • IV hangover treatments for immediate relief from symptoms
  • IV treatments for fast jet lag relief and recovery

Ongoing healthcare management can help you feel your best year-round. Fast, at-home or hotel appointments saves you the time and hassle of visiting a clinic. Concierge MD LA helps ensure that your recovery is as fast and complication-free as possible.

We offer telemedicine care by way of video conferencing, phone calls, and texts so that you can get answers for your health or medication questions when you need them. You’ll feel confident about making the best health decisions for yourself when answers are just a phone call away.

As a further timesaver, we can refill prescriptions over-the-phone for you as well so that all you have to do is pick up your refill from your pharmacy of choice.

Whether you need immediate, urgent care for an unexpected illness or want ongoing at-home care, Concierge MD LA can help you feel your best so that you can perform when it counts most.

Experience Care with Concierge MD LA

Concierge MD LA offers coverage throughout the greater Los Angeles area.