What are Stem Cells?

You’ve likely heard stem cell therapy or stem cell research referred to at some point but don’t understand what the big deal is. Stem cells are often thought of as the master cells of the body. They’re the building blocks and producers of all other specialty cells your body uses to fight diseases and heal the body.

What are Stem Cells, and How Do They Work?

Simply put, stem cells are raw materials from which all other special cells come. The crazy thing about stem cells is that they’re capable of reproducing and creating more cells known as daughter cells. These cells then turn into more stem cells or other specialized cells, depending on your body’s needs. No other part of the body can do this, making stem cells incredibly valuable.

Stem cells then split off and go to various parts of the body according to need. They can turn into blood cells, brain cells, bone cells, or heart muscle cells.

How are Stem Cells Used in Regenerative Medicine?

Stem cells are used in regenerative medicine to rebuild or strengthen bones, strengthen the heart, heal certain conditions, and treat illnesses. They’re extremely valuable in this aspect because we’re still figuring out all the things that stem cells are capable of. We know they help with a wide variety of conditions, but they’re especially helpful when used in conjunction with other treatments.

Do I Need Stem Cell Therapy?

Before deciding that you need stem cell therapy, you should consult a physician and seek counsel.

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