What are Stem Cell Activators, and How do They Work? 

Stem cells are often thought of as the master cells and building blocks of the human body. They can rebuild and replenish any tissue type, including muscles, bones, cartilage, heart tissue, and much more. Unfortunately, stem cells become less active as we age, which means that they need motivators or activators to get them moving again.

What are Stem Cell Activators?

Stem cell activators is a broad term used to describe anything that activates the stem cells. They can come in the form of diet, supplements, or even lifestyle choices. Stem cells are so important because they’re responsible for a great deal of the healing process within the body.

Stem cells have been linked to many treatments for cancer, heart problems, liver problems, and the list goes on. Stem cell activators are responsible for getting the cells moving and doing their job when they become inactive.

What do Stem Cell Activators do?

Stem cell activators do exactly what their name entails. They’re responsible for activating otherwise dormant stem cells. Stem cell activators are especially necessary for older adults or people with diseases. Stem cells tend to become less active with aging, and disease and injuries can impair them.

What Are Some Specific Stem Cell Activators?

Now that we know more about what stem cells are in general let’s look at a few specific examples of stem cell activators.

  • Pill Supplements

The latest stem cell therapy rage is using pills in pill form to activate the stem cells. These pills contain a wide variety of ingredients that often include polygonum multiflorum extract, fucoidan, astragaloside IV, blueberry extract, Beta 1,3/1,6 glucan, and L-carnosine, among others.

Each of these ingredients is designed to help activate stem cells, but their effectiveness is often debated.

Recent studies have linked stem cell activation with intermittent fasting. The act of short-term fasting triggers rapid cellular regeneration, specifically in the intestines. However, regeneration isn’t limited just to the intestines as it affects your body as a whole. Because this is a recent discovery, scientists and medical experts are still finding new ways that fasting helps with stem cell activation.

  • Dietary Options

A healthy diet is one of the top ways to activate stem cells outside of medical intervention. Your diet should be heavy in antioxidants such as blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, and goji berries. Mushrooms, nuts, seafood, ginger, and a bevy of vegetables are highly beneficial in stem cell activation.

  • Exercise and Sleep

Along with diet, your sleeping and exercising habits also play a role in stem cell activation. Maintaining a regular sleep schedule with 7-8 hours of solid sleep per night is paramount. Sleep apnea and insomnia are detrimental to stem cells and can inhibit their activity by up to 50%.

  • IV Therapy

Stem cell IV therapy is one of the most effective ways to activate and replenish your stem cells. No other method allows for direct and precise activation of specific stem cells that IV Therapy does. It’s quickly becoming the go-to option for those serious about their stem cell health.

What is my Best Option for Activating Stem Cells?

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