How To Find A Good Weight Loss Doctor Near Me

As life slowly begins to resume as the pandemic wans, many are looking to take a more proactive approach to health. For many, that means taking on the challenge of changing lifestyle and losing weight. But if you’ve recently asked yourself where you can find a weight loss doctor near me, you might be wondering where you can find a supportive diet doctor to help you reach your goals.

Why searching “weight loss doctor near me” isn’t as easy as it seems

One of the biggest hurdles many face is the impact of weight bias on quality of health care. Obesity comes with an unfair social stigma that has unfortunately created systemic issues for overweight patients.

Too often, people seeking medical care for unrelated issues are told that their problems are due to their weight – sometimes with disastrous outcomes as undiagnosed medical conditions wreck havoc in their bodies.

This impact is further heightened due to the relentless schedules and demands upon healthcare professionals. In addition to sizable student loans and years of training often with little time for sleep or self care, most doctors are forced to spend a lot of time addressing the administrative demands of working with insurance companies. This often leads to doctors needing to keep as many patients as possible to cover administrative expenses, meaning appointments can only last 15 minutes – or even less.

A more personal weight loss journey with in-home care

VIP medicine (also known as concierge medicine) has been growing in response to these frustrations in healthcare. These healthcare providers offer services for upfront payment instead of dealing with insurance companies, allowing them to focus services around patients rather than payment methods. Services are typically charged in 2 ways – “a la carte” aka per-service, or in the form of a monthly membership fee that includes a range of services per month.

Patient-focused VIP practices spend more time developing relationships with each patient, with appointments typically 45 minutes. Having the extra time to ask questions and get clarity about your health concerns and how to improve them is an important way to set yourself up for success.

It can also help you feel more comfortable asking questions that may seem embarrassing, like whether a suggested weight loss practice you saw online is real or an unfounded health fad. This extra attention means you’re more likely to find a weight loss program that works.

In-home services: a modern edge inspired by traditional medicine

Concierge MD offers mobile services, meaning that your healthcare comes to you. Our experts can meet you in your home, hotel room, or workspace and provide primary and urgent care services.

We also believe in the value of regular telemedicine visits as a form of encouraging accountability and support as you work through a weight loss program.

Optimize your health with lab tests and more

Concierge MD can work with you to complete a wellness panel to help create a plan to help you reach your fitness goals. In addition to primary care and urgent care services, we offer in-home lab tests to help identify health issues that might make it more difficult for you to reach your goals.

You may benefit from our Weight Loss IV Treatment, which gives your body with nourishing vitamins and supplements your metabolism to target and burn fat.


Concierge MD Can Help You Make An Effective And Practical Weight Loss Plan

If you want a weight loss solution with a focus on whole-body wellness, Concierge MD can help. Our memberships include assistance from a concierge care coordinator who can help you stay organized with your appointments and health plan.

Whatever your weight loss goals look like, Concierge MD wants to help you reach them safely and confidently. We’re ready and waiting to help you achieve whole-body wellness that feels good too. Call or click the button below today!

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