Can Stem Cell Therapy Help You Treat Osteoporosis?

As the regenerative properties of stem cell therapy continue to be explored by researchers, you may be wondering about the benefits of stem cells for osteoporosis. Does stem cell therapy for osteoporosis really work? Keep reading to learn more.

How do stem cells help osteoporosis?

Currently, there are no U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved stem cell therapy treatments, as research is still ongoing. However, osteoporosis-caused knee conditions are one of the most researched areas of stem cell therapy.

Current research indicates the following potential benefits of stem cells for osteoporosis:

  • Stem cell therapy helps relieve pain and reduces inflammation. More research is needed to determine if inflammation reduction is addressed directly by stem cells, or as a result of their impact on other systems.
  • Stem cell therapy administered after knee surgery relieved pain in one study. Signs of cartilage regeneration were also present.
  • Stem cell therapy given to treat osteoarthritis of the knee was effective with no serious side effects.

How to choose a stem cell therapy provider

When comparing stem cell therapy providers, it’s important to compare not only the clinic administering the treatment, but also the lab providing the stem cells.

Providers should be licensed healthcare professionals trained in stem cell therapy. During your consultation, the doctor should review your health history and the reason you want stem cell therapy, so they have the information they need to ensure stem cells for osteoporosis are the right choice for you.

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