Is Stem Cell Therapy Effective For A Heavy Trauma Injury?

The regenerative properties of stem cell therapy has made it increasingly popular in recent years for a variety of conditions. But can stem cell therapy help speed recovery from heavy trauma injuries? Keep reading for the information you need about stem cells for heavy trauma.

What are the benefits of stem cells for heavy trauma?

Stem cell therapy is still being studied, so there are no U.S. Food and Drug Administration-approved stem cell treatments at this time. Emerging research does suggest stem cells could play a vital role in treating heavy trauma in the near future.

Studies suggest the following benefits of stem cells for heavy trauma:

  • Reduces inflammation – research is still being conducted to determine if this is caused by stem cells directly, or is a result of their influence on other cells.
  • Studies reflect that stem cell therapy can help repair heart muscle and tissue.
  • A study of stem cell therapy administered after knee surgery showed patients experienced pain relief, and signs of cartilage regeneration were present as well.
    Research indicates that stem cell therapy for people with spinal cord injuries resulted in regaining some lost sensation and mobility.

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