Is Stem Cell Therapy Effective For Chronic Knee Conditions?

Stem cell therapy has increasingly gotten attention in recent years for its regenerative benefits. But is stem cell therapy truly effective for chronic knee conditions? Read on for the information you need!

What does research say about stem cell therapy for chronic knee conditions?

Research on stem cell therapy is ongoing, so no treatments are U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved at this time. That said, stem cell therapy to treat knee issues is among the most-researched areas of the field.

Studies conducted so far have reported the following benefits of stem cell therapy for knee problems:

  • Stem cell therapy administered after knee surgery to address torn knee cartilage appeared to stimulate cartilage regeneration and lessened pain.
  • Patients reported that stem cell therapy given to treat knee arthritis was effective with no serious side effects.
  • Researchers have found that stem cell therapy offers pain relief and reduces inflammation, though they are unsure if this is done by the stem cells themselves or a result of stem cells’ effect on other cells.

What should I look for in a stem cell therapy provider?

It’s important to vet both the lab providing the stem cells as well as the healthcare provider administering the treatment. Your provider should be a licensed health expert trained in stem cell therapy. Your consultation should include your health history, as well as the concerns you wish to address, to ensure stem cell therapy for your knee issues is the right option for you.

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