How to Get Male/Female Hormones in Los Angeles 

We do everything we can to manage our health, but one thing we can’t generally manage on our own is our hormone levels. Whether we are male or female, having the right balance of hormones is integral to the proper regulation of our body’s processes. This is where hormone therapy comes into play. With hormone therapy, it is possible to re-regulate our hormones and keep them in balance so that our body behaves as it should.

Benefits of hormone therapy

Hormone therapy has a lot of benefits for men and women. Both men and women suffer from declines in their hormone levels as they age, and it leaves them with less energy and less sex drive; it can cause hair loss, loss of muscle, and other conditions. Women in particular experience extreme hormone fluctuation during menopause that has drastic impacts on their health. Men can also experience drastic changes in their physique, their ability to perform sexually, and their overall energy level.

Hormone therapy can also help to stop the growth of certain breast cancer cells in women and prostate cancer cells in men.

Why at-home therapy is the better option

It is possible to go to a clinic or doctor’s office to receive hormone therapy treatments, but an at-home treatment from Concierge MD is the safer and more effective option. There’s less time spent waiting and being exposed to other people and more time spent doing the things you love while the treatment you need comes directly to you.

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