How To Get At Home Exosome Therapy In New York

New Yorkers may have heard about the benefits of exosome therapy and wondered if it is available at home. What is exosome therapy, and can I get it at home in New York? Keep reading to learn more!

What is exosome therapy?

When cells fuse together, they form small buds that eventually get released so they can fuel other cells and carry messages. These small buds are known as exosomes, and they are naturally produced by the body. Exosome therapy involves harvesting exosomes from healthy donors and supplementing them to the body, usually through injection or IV infusion therapy.

Exosome therapy is considered a possible alternative to stem cell therapy, with benefits like:

  • Reductions in inflammation and chronic pain
  • Promotes cell repair and regeneration
  • Fights mental decline and improves alertness and mental clarity

How to find an exosome therapy provider

Exosome therapy can have some serious risks not associated with other types of IV therapy, which include:

  • Ineffective treatment due to an insufficient volume of exosomes
  • Reaction at injection site
  • Cell contamination that can result in growths or abnormal cell development (this is the result of improperly harvested exosomes)
  • Bacterial infection resulting from insufficient sterilization or improper extraction methods

This is why you should be careful in ensuring your laboratory and healthcare provider are properly trained in exosome therapy before starting treatment.

Get Exosome Therapy In New York At Home With Concierge MD

If you are in New York and seeking an exosome therapy provider, consider Concierge MD. We are a mobile healthcare provider, meaning we provide services in the comfort and privacy of your home. You can make an appointment for one of our experts to come to your home and administer an exosome treatment. After treatment is finished, you can follow up with our team using our telemedicine services to ask questions and report progress.

We bring you convenient and discreet exosome therapy with the lowest risk of exposure to the Omicron variant. Reach out today for more information or book an appointment using the button below!

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