PRP Hair Loss Treatments

Hair loss is a common age-related condition for many men. Concierge PRP hair loss treatments can help restore the thickness and fullness of your hair in the convenience of your home.

What is a PRP Hair Loss Treatment?

A PRP hair loss treatment uses plasma-rich platelets created from your own blood to boost your body’s natural healing response. Plasma-rich platelets play a part in hundreds of chemical reactions throughout your body, especially those which contribute to cell growth. PRP treatments promote hair growth by increasing the cell count in your skin.

Treatment is administered as a shot, usually over the course of several sessions. The exact number will vary from person to person depending on a variety of factors such as the extent of hair loss and patient goals.

How does a PRP Hair Loss Treatment Work?

anti aging treatments plasma rich platelets for hair lossPRP treatments for hair loss offer a safe and well-tolerated treatment for patients. Studies have shown a “…significant reduction in hair loss…” for patients by enriching the hair roots and stimulating growth – especially over the course of several treatments. Patients generally report improvements in “…hair counts, hair thickness, hair root strength, and overall alopecia…” Treatments are long lasting and can be repeated for patients who experience further hair loss following the final treatment of the regimen.

PRP treatments are created from a sample of your blood. To that end, you must first have blood drawn so that a treatment can be prepared. Your blood is then placed into a centrifuge, where it is separated into its components and the plasma-rich platelets can be collected. Once the dose has been prepared, your doctor will inject PRP into your scalp. Treatment is given as an injection that takes only a few minutes to administer.

Hair loss treatments are most effective when used consistently over time, reversing existing hair loss, restoring your hairline, and preventing future hair loss.

Concierge MD LA: Your Hair Loss Treatment Solution, Delivered to Your Home

Concierge MD LA brings PRP hair loss treatments directly to your home in Los Angeles, saving you the hassle of frequent trips to and from a doctor’s office. Before your first treatment, a mobile phlebotomist will come to your home and draw a sample of your blood, then take it to the lab to prepare your PRP treatment. When your dose is ready, we bring the appointment to you and administer the treatment in the comfort of your home.

We offer a further time-saving service with over-the-phone prescription refills (as needed). Our members enjoy the benefits of on-call telemedicine for answers to any health questions or concerns between appointments.

Have questions? Want to know more about our hair loss treatments? Give us a call. Our staff is on-call to address any questions that you may have.


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